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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977

91 STAT. 990

PUBLIC LAW 95-113—SEPT. 29, 1977 (2) the statements of recommendations of the Joint Council developed pursuant to the provisions of section 1407(d)(2)(G) of this title and the statement of recommendations of the Advisory Board developed pursuant to the provisions of section 1408(f) (2)(E) of this title; and (3) in the second and succeeding years, a five-year projection of national priorities with respect to agricultural research, extension, and teaching, taking into account both domestic and international needs. LIBRARIES AND INFORMATION

7 USC 3126.

Food and Nutrition Information and Education esou^rces Establishment.

Appropriation authorization. Contract authority.


SEC. 1411. (a) I t is hereby declared to be the policy of Congress that— (1) cooperation and cooordination among, and the more effective utilization of, disparate agricultural libraries and information units be facilitated; (2) information and library needs related to agricultural research and education be effectively planned for, coordinated, and evaluated; (3) a structure for the coordination of the agricultural libraries of colleges and universities. Department of Agriculture libraries, and their closely allied information gathering and disseminating units be established in close conjunction with private industry and other research libraries; (4) effective access by all colleges and universities and Department of Agriculture personnel to literature and information regarding the food and agricultural sciences be provided; and (5) programs for t r a i n i n g in information utilization with respect to the food and agricultural sciences, including research grants for librarians, information scientists, and agricultural scientists be established or strengthened. (b) There is hereby established within the National Agricultural L i b r a r y of the Department of Agriculture a Food and Nutrition Information and Education Resources Center. Such Center shall be responsible for— ^.j^^ assembling and collecting food and nutrition education materials, including the results of nutrition research, t r a i n i n g methods, procedures, and other materials related to the purpose of this title;

(2) maintaining such information and materials in a library; and (3) providing for the dissemination of such information and materials on a regular basis to State educational agencies and other interested persons. (c) Funds are hereby authorized to be appropriated annually in gu(>]^ amounts as Congress may determine necessary to support the purposes of this section. The Secretary is authorized to carry out this section with existing facilities through the use of grants, contracts, or such other means as the Secretary deems appropriate and to require matching of funds. No funds appropriated to support the purposes of this section shall be used to purchase additional equipment unless specifically authorized by law subsequent to the date of enactment of this title.