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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977

91 STAT. 1028

7 USC 74.. 7 USC 79b.


7 USC 79. 7 USC 84.


7 USC 87.

PUBLIC LAW 95-113—SEPT. 29, 1977 (4) striking out the second sentence of subsection (e); (5) amending subsection (f) by—• (A) in clause (2), striking out "employ" and inserting in lieu thereof "permit", and inserting "and who are approved by the Administrator" immediately before "to operate the scales"; and (B) in clause (3), striking out "employees of the facility" and inserting in lieu thereof "persons other than official inspection personnel", and striking out "employees to operate" and inserting in lieu thereof "such persons to operate"; (6) inserting "or supervision of weighing" immediately after "official weighing" in subsection (g); (7) inserting "or local governmental agency" immediately after "No State" in subsection (i); and (8) adding at the end of subsection (i) a new sentence as follows: "Not more than one official agency or State delegated authority pursuant to subsection (c)(2) of this section for carrying out the weighing provisions of this Act Shall be operaJtive ait one time for any geographic area as determined by the Administrator to effectuate the objectives stated in section 2 of this Act.". (f) Section 7B is amended by— (1) inserting "for the purpose of official inspection, official weighing, or supervision of weighing" immediately before "of grain located at all grain elevators" in subsection (a); (2) at the end of subsection (a), inserting "Such regulations shall provide for the charging and collection of reasonable fees to cover the estimated costs to the Service incident to the performance of such testing by employees of the Service. Such fees shall be deposited into the fund created by section 7(j) of this Act."; and (3) inserting "for the purposes of this Act" immediately after "no person shall use" in subsection (c). (g) Section 8 is amended by— (1) amending subsection (a) by— (A) inserting ", other than appeal weighing," immediately after "supervision of weighing" m clause (1); (B) striking out "of grain" in clause (2)(B) and inserting in lieu thereof "(including appeal weighing) of grain in the United States, or of United States grain in Canadian ports"; and (C) in clause (3), inserting "or governmental agency" immediately after "(3) to contract with any person", and striking out "specified sampling and laboratory testing" and inserting in lieu thereof "specified sampling, laboratory testing, and similar technical functions"; and (2) adding at the end of subsection (e) a new sentence as follows: "The Administrator may compensate such personnel at any rate within the appropriate grade of the General Schedule as the Administrator deems necessary without regard to section 5333 of title 5 of the United States Code.". (h) Section 11 is amended by— (1) inserting "official weighing or" immediately^ before "supervision of weighing" in paragraph (3) of subsection (b); (2) in the first sentence of paragraph (5) of subsection (b), inserting "official weighing or" immediately before "supervision of weighing except", and inserting "director," immediately before "officer, employee,"; and