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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977

91 STAT. 1468

PUBLIC LAW 95-207—DEC. 13, 1977

ula to the concept of career education by institutions of higher education located in the State;




(3) making payments to local educational agencies for com' ' ' prehensive programs including— (A) instilling career education concepts and approaches ' ' in the classroom; (B) developing and implementing comprehensive career guidance, counseling, placement, and followup services utilizing counselors, teachers, parents, and community resource personnel; (C) developing and implementing collaborative relationships with organizations representing the handicapped, minority groups, and women and with all other elements of the community, including the use of personnel from such organizations and the community as resource persons in schools and for student field trips into that community; (D) developing and implementing work experiences for students whose primary purpose is career exploration, if such work experiences are related to existing or potential career opportunities and do not displace other workers who perform such work; (E) employing coordinators of career education in local educational agencies or in combinations of such agencies (but not the individual school building level); (F) training of local career education coordinators; (G) providing inservice education for educational personnel, especially teachers, counselors, and school administrators, designed to help such personnel to understand career educa,,, ^ tion, to acquire competencies in the field of career education and to acquaint such personnel with the changing work patterns of men and women, ways of overcoming sex stereotyping in career education, and ways of assisting women and men to broaden their career horizons; (H) conducting institutes for members of boards of local educational agencies, community leaders, and parents con,, cerning the nature and goals of career education; ..' ' (I) purchasing instructional materials and supplies for career education activities; (J) establishing and operating community career education councils; (K) establishing and operating career education resource centers serving both students and the general public; (L) adopting, reviewing, and revising local plans for coor. dinating the implementation of the comprehensive program; (M) conducting needs assessments and evaluations; and (4) reviewing and revising the State plan, (b) The State shall make payments to local educational agencies for the purposes described in paragraph (3) of subsection (a) from funds received under this Act upon applications approved by the State educational agency. Such payments shall, to the extent practicable, be made on an equitable basis in accordance with criteria established by the State educational agency, consistent with section 6(9), having due regard for the special needs of local educational agencies