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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977


National environmental laboratory, establishment, feasibility and desirability 1259 Research— Coordination of efforts with regulatory program offices 1260 Five-year research and development plan, annual review 1260 Secondary effluent and sludge, utilization of nutrient value in agriculture and for other purposes 1608 Waste treatment works construction, cost recovery, study 1609 Water— Adequate and dependable supplies of safe drinking water, availability 1394 Coordination of water supply and wastewater control plans, recommended legislative program 1609 National primary drinking water regulations, compliance with 1393 Pollution control, comprehensive programs for 1567 Environmental Quality, Council on, environmental research and development, interagency coordination 1262 Federal Land Manager, national monuments, preserves, and primitive areas, review of air quality designations 735 Federal Trade Commission, fair debt collection practices, compliance and enforcement 882 Financial institutions meeting credit needs of local communities. Federal activities promoting 1148 Health, Education, and Welfare, Department of— Child development programs, study 1412 Child support and establishment of paternity, Federal and State programs concerning 163,164 Home health and in-home services, delivery of. 1202 Land-grant colleges maintaining agricultural research programs, operations and expenditures 1011 Medicaid, Federal assistance to State programs, reduction of. 1205 Medicare and medicaid, prosecution of violations relating to fraud by the Department of Justice 1183 Nutritional status monitoring system 1001

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Old-age, survivors, disability insurance, universal coverage, 1532 study Ozone and stratosphere research ,. 729 programs Physician-directed clinics in urban medically underserved areas, 1489 demonstration projects for Preventive health services, model standards ,..398 Professional Standards Review Organizations— Annual evaluation of activities in 1191 medicaid programs State medicaid programs, determination of unsatisfactory performance 1188 Rural health clinics, copayments for services, feasibility study 1485 Social security program, elimination of sex discrimination within, study Urban and rural comprehensive 1548 mental health centers and centers for alcoholism and drug abuse treatment, extension of Social Security coverage Housing and Urban Development, De- 1490 partment of— Community development grants, adequacy of formula used for allocation of funds Federal Home Loan Mortgage Cor- 1122 poration, review of financial operations Indian and Alaska Native housing 1138 and community development Low income housing assistance, pay- 1148 ments in lieu of taxes, study Small cities, developmental needs 1129 of, study Industrial technology exportation, 1127 domestic economic impact study ..243 Interior, Department of the— Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon, plan for establishment of tribal reservation 1418 Cook Inlet Region, Inc., land conveyance, implementation extension 1369 Drought relief programs, expenditures and accomplishments ....37 Indian Affairs, Bureau of, expenditure plan for ..293 Indian lands, regulation of surface .. 523 mining on Leasing operations of the Federal ..604 Government Mining— Alternative coal mining technologies, research and demonstration projects 531