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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977





Land-grant colleges— Agricultural and forestry extension programs, funding for 1007 Agricultural research programs, funding for 1009 Maritime Academy Act of 1958, amendments 1359 Medical schools, capitation grant eligiblity requirements 1503 Merchant Marine Academy, N.Y., appropriation authorization 1359 National Health Service Corps Scholarship program, application approval, priorities 1506 Nutrition and health services for children of low-income families, extension 912 Nutrition education materials, distribution to State elementary and secondary school systems 1000 Pre-college curriculum projects, instructions for 833 Private vocational schools, contract arrangements with Office of Education, authorization 205 Public health schools, traineeship programs, grants and federally insured student loans 1504 Ramah-Navajo School Board, N. Mex., Instructional Media Center, appropriation for 293 Rough Rock Community High School, Ariz., appropriation for 293 School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Amendments of 1977, National 1325 Service academies, cadet and midshipman monthly pay rate 326 Smith College, Northampton, Mass., duty-free entry of carillon bells for 255 Solar energy demonstration farms and projects. Federal grants for... 10131015 State marine schools, appropriation authorization 1359 State mining and mineral resources and research institutes, appropriation authorization 451 Student loan insurance fund, appropriation for 77 Students, employment 1252 Teaching positions in elementary and secondary schools, special hiring considerations 651 Tuskegee Institute— Agricultural and forestry extension programs, funding for 1007 Agricultural research programs, funding for 1009 United States Military Academy, cadets monthly pay rate 326

United States Naval Academy, midshipmen, monthly pay rate 326 Veterans cost-of-instruction payments to institutions of higher learning 1446 Veterans' educational assistance allowances— Accelerated payment program 1436 Delimiting period, extension 1439 Veterinary medicine, grant program for 993 Vocational education programs, authorization of funds for 203 Young Adult Conservation Corps, academic credit for work experience 629 Youth employment and training programs 644,645 Youth employment demonstration programs, academic credit for work experience 649 Science, Engineering and Technology, Federal Coordinating Council for, abolition of. 1634 Science, Engineering and Technology Advisory Panel, Intergovernmental, abolition of. 1634 Science Advisory Board: Establishment 1260 Five-year research and development plan, annual review of, report to Environmental Protection Agency 1260 Health effects research, review of, report to Environmental Protection Agency 1260 Science and Engineering, Resource Center for, establishment 833 Science and Technology, Office of, coal or other mine safety research, advisory committee on, member 1295 Science and Technology, President's Committee on, abolition of. 1634 Science and Technology Policy, Office of: Appropriation for 1079 Coordination of environmental research and development, joint study prepared in consultation with Council on Environmental Quality 1262 Joint Council on Food and Agricultural Sciences, member 986 National Heart, Lung, and Blood Advisory Council, member 387 Transfer of functions to National Science Foundation 1634 Science and Technology Policy, Organization, and Priorities Act of 1976, National, appropriation for effecting provisions 1079