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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977



State, Department of—Continued Foreign Service. See separate title. Foreign Service Act of 1946— Amendments 852,855 '* Appropriation for effecting provisions...89, 419-421, 423, 438, 440, 1231, -"•"• 1236 Human rights protection, initiation of international consultation on 1070 International agreements entered into by government agencies, transmittal of texts to 224 International Convention for Safe Containers— .. Amendatory procedures 1479 Arbitrator, appointment of. 1480 International Development, Agency for. See separate title. International organizations. See separate title. Loans to owners of U.S. commercial fishing vessels, collection of certain fees, assistance 1414 Migration and refugee assistance— Appropriation authorization...221, 844, 1224 Appropriation for 67, 1236 National security considerations of nuclear technology, provision of information to congressional committees 885 Nonimmigrant visas, applications for, recommendations of approval 848 Nuclear safeguards and agreements, violations, report to ExportImport Bank of the United States 1210 Offenders transferring to the United States, payment of counsel fees -< for 1218 Ozone and stratosphere, coordinating committee for Federal research and monitoring, member 727 Ozone protection, studies and reports, appropriation authorization 790 Public participation in Department of State proceedings, compensation for 848 Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund, United States Emergency, appropriation for 67, 1236 Special Interagency Task Force, study of security support assistance program for Egypt, convention of. 619 Transfer of certain functions to International Communication Agency 1637 United States citizens incarcerated abroad, emergency assistance 221

State, Justice, and Commerce, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriation Act, 1978, Department of. 419 State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972, appropriation for effecting provisions 28, 122, 1082 State and Local Government Fiscal Assistance Trust Fund, appropriation for 28, 122, 1082 State and Local Governments: Agricultural research and education grants, competitive program, establishment 991 Animal health and disease research. Federal matching funds 1005 Banks and certain other institutions chartered by the State, public money depositary, eligibility 1228 Career Education Incentive Act 1464 Child nutrition programs, administration 1325 Clean Air Act Amendments of 1977 685 Clean Water Act of 1977 1566 Commercial fisheries research and development projects, appropriation authorization 249 Commodity supplemental food program. Federal administrative cost-sharing 980 Comprehensive law enforcement and criminal justice plans. State planning agencies, membership 1061 County income or employment taxes, withholding requirements for Federal employees 157 Disaster loans for small business concerns, certification of need for Federal assistance 559,560 Drought impacted areas, projects augmenting community water supplies, grants and loans for 169 Drought relief programs, coordination and consultation with Federal agencies 37 Earthquake hazards reduction program, participation in development of implementation plan 1102 Electric utilities, regulatory assistance for, engrossed bill (H.R. 4018) correction 1687 Elementary and secondary education. Federal aid programs for, extension 911 Emergency unemployment compensation, modification of agreements with Federal government 42 Employees handling collection of child support payments, bonding and administrative requirements 162