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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977


A97 Page

Technology Assessment Act of 1972, appropriation for effecting provisions 672 Telecommunications Policy, Office of: Abolition of 1633 Appropriation for 100,346 Telecommunications Service, Automated Data and, appropriation for 109,351 Television Receivers, Color, implementation of orderly marketing agreement on, proclamation 1749 Temporary Commission of Financial Oversight of the District of Columbia, appropriation for 64 Temporary Emergency Court of Appeals, emergency natural gas provisions, jurisdiction and review of litigation arising from 9 Tennessee, national security programs, appropriation authorization for research and development projects 1376 Tennessee Valley Authority: Appropriation for 808 Food and Renewable Resources, Subcommittee on, member 986 Tennessee Valley Authority Act of 1933, appropriation for effecting provisions 808 Territorial Affairs, Office of, appropriation for 72, 105, 294 Terrorists, International, prohibition of assistance to countries granting sanctuary to 622, 1240 Texas: National security programs, research and development projects, appropriation authorization 1376 Sabine River Compact amendment, congressional consent 281 Thailand, military assistance, appropriation authorization 615 Thanksgiving Day, 1976, proclamation 1706 Thanksgiving Day, 1977, proclamation 1774 "The Accounting Establishment", printing of additional copies 1668 "The Capitol", printing as House document 1692 "The Constitution of the United States of America, as amended", printing as House document 1692 The George Washington University Charter Restatement Act 1650 "The Role of the Federal Government in Nutrition Education", printing as House document 1684 "The Senate Chamber, 1810-1859", printing of additional copies 1692

Third Deficiency Appropriation Act, fiscal year 1937, amendment 223 Third Supplemental Appropriations Act, 1957, appropriation for effecting provisions 825 Timber, use of proceeds from Government sales 378 Tinicum National Environmental Center, Pa.: Appropriation authorization 1254 Boundary extension 1254 Tobacco, acreage-poundage marketing quotas, transfers 250 Tobacco, and Firearms, Bureau of Alcohol, appropriation for 108, 341 Tongass National Forest, Alaska, conveyance of certain homesites 1361 Toxic Substances Control Act, appropriation authorization for programs of 1257 Trade Act of 1974, appropriation for effecting provisions 430 Trade Commission, Federal: Appropriation for I l l, 438 Fair Debt Collection Practices Act 875 Trade Commission, United States International. See International Trade Commission, United States. Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954, Agricultural: Amendments 545-552,955-958 Appropriation for effecting provisions 66,351,676,812,827 Trade Negotiations, Office of the Special Representative for, appropriation for 92, 100, 439 Trade Week, World, 1977, proclamation 1730 Trademark Office, Patent and: Appropriation for 102,432 United Daughters of the Confederacy, patent extension 1349 Trading with the Enemy Act, amendments 1625, 1626 Transportation, Department of: Appropriation for 92,107,402 Average fuel economy standards, notice of modification or exemption from 581 Aviation insurance program— Extension 1280 New title for war risk insurance program 1278 Carbon monoxide intrusion into passenger area of sustained-use motor vehicles, study 769 Carpooling and vanpooling public education program, transfer of functions from Federal Energy Administration 582 Coast Guard, United States. See separate title. Conservation officer, designation 602