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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977





Wage and Price Stability Act of 1974, Council on, appropriation for effecting provisions 345 Washington: Lake Chelan area, dredged or fill material disposal regulation, delegation of authority to State 1610 National security programs, research and development projects, appropriation authorization 1376, 1377 Puget Sound, navigable waters of, conservation measures 1168 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, appropriation for 415 Water: Aquaculture, conservation and development programs. Federal loans for 1021 Community Emergency Drought Relief Act of 1977 169 Desalting demonstration plants, study, design, construction, operation, and maintenance 400 Disaster and drought relief programs 233 District of Columbia services, annual Federal payment for 1093 Drought of 1976-1977, emergency actions to mitigate impacts of. 36,870 Land and Water Conservation Fund— Appropriation authorization 210 Special account, establishment for the acquisition of certain Federal lands, waters, or interests 210 Mount Hood National Forest, Oreg., Bull Run Watershed Management Unit, establishment 1425 Navajo Indian Irrigation Project, transfer of funds 293 Public Works for Water and Power Development and Energy Research Appropriation Act, 1977— Repeal of certain provisions 11 Rescission of funds for certain provisions 800,802 Public Works for Water and Power Development and Energy Research Appropriation Act, 1978 797 Research programs, appropriation authorization 400 Safe Drinking Water Act— Amendments 1393, 1394 Water supply activities, appropriation authorization 1257 Safe Drinking Water Amendments of 1977 1393 Saline water conversion projects, appropriation authorization 400

Sewer connection between Dulles International Airport and District of Columbia systems 1156 Waste water recycling demonstration projects, grants to public sector agencies 1258 Water quality programs, appropriation authorization 1257 Weather and water allocation study 1016 Water Act of 1977, Clean 1566 Water Bank Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 816, 825 Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965, Land and: Amendments 210 Appropriation for effecting provisions 287,289,348,801 Water Conservation Act of 1971, Saline: Amendments 400 Appropriation for effecting provisions 287 Water Pollution Control Act, Federal. See Federal Water Pollution Control Act. Water Protection and Flood Prevention Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 822 Water Research and Technology, Office of, appropriation for 105, 287 Water Resources Conservation Act of 1977, Soil and 1407 Water Resources Council: Appropriation authority 209 Appropriation for 808 Water resource assessments, transfer of functions from Energy Research and Development Administration 186 Water Resources Development Act of 1976, amendment 114 Water Resources Planning Act of 1965: Amendments 209 Appropriation for effecting provisions 808 Water Resources Research Act of 1964: Amendments 400 Appropriation for effecting provisions 287 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 822 West Central Front of the United States Capitol, Commission on, establishment 681 Whales, prohibition of commercial whaling 1167 Wheat: Crop disaster payments for 1977, limitations, exemption 1264 Food and Agriculture Act of 1977 913 Marketing quota referendum 229