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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977

91 STAT. 568



PUBLIC LAW 95-91—AUG. 4, 1977 (3) to provide for a mechanism through which a coordinated national energy policy can be formulated and implemented to deal with the short-, mid- and long-term energy problems of the N a t i o n; and to develop plans and programs for dealing with domestic energy production and import shortages; (4) to create and implement a comprehensive energy conservation strategy that will receive the highest priority in the national energy program; (5) to carry out the planning, coordination, support, and management of a balanced and comprehensive energy research and development program, including— (A) assessing the requirements for energy research and development; (B) developing priorities necessary to meet those requirements; (C) undertaking programs for the optimal development

of the various forms of energy production.and conservation; and (D) disseminating information resulting from such pro., (! grams, including disseminating information on the commercial feasibility and use of energy from fossil, nuclear, solar, geothermal, and other energy technologies; (6) to place major emphasis on the development and commercial use of solar, geothermal, recycling and other technologies utilizing renewable energy resources; (7) to continue and improve the effectiveness and objectivity of a central energy data collection and analysis program within the Department; (8) to facilitate establishment of an effective strategy for distributing and allocating fuels in periods of short supply and to provide for the administration of a national energy supply reserve; (9) to promote the interests of consumers through the provision of an adequate and reliable supply of energy at the lowest reasonable cost; (10) to establish and implement through the Department, in coordination with the Secretaries of State, Treasury, and Defense, policies regarding international energy issues that have a direct impact on research, development, utilization, supply, and conservation of energy in the United States and to undertake activities involving the integration of domestic and foreign policy relating to energy, including provision of independent technical advice to the President on international negotiations involving energy resources, energy technologies, or nuclear weapons issues, except that the Secretary of State shall continue to exercise p r i m a r y authority for the conduct of foreign policy relating to energy and nuclear nonproliferation. pursuant to policy guidelines established by the P r e s i d e n t; (11) to provide for the cooperation of Federal, State, and local governments in the development and implementation of national energy policies and program s; (12) to foster and assure competition among parties engaged in the supply of energy and fuels; (13) to assure incorporation of national environmental protection goals in the formulation and implementation of energy programs, and to advance the goals of restoring, protecting, and enhancing environmental quality, and assuring public health and safety;