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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977

PUBLIC LAW 9 5 - 9 1 — A U G. 4, 1977 cern, or own stocks or bonds of any enoroy concern, or have any pecuniary interest therein. (b) Personnel transfered to the Department pursuant to section 701 of this Act shall have six months to comply with the provisions of subsection (a) with respect to prohibited property holdings. Any person transferred pursuant to section 701 of this Act shall notify the Secietar}^ or his designee of all known circumstances which would be violative of the restrictions set forth in subsection (a) not later than thirty days after the date of such transfer, as determined by the United States Civil Service Commission. (c) Where exceptional hardship would result, or where the interest is a pension, insurance or other similarly vested interest, the Secretary is authorized to waive the requirements of this section for such period as he may prescribe with respect to any supervisory employee covered. Such waiver shall: (1) be published in the P\Hleral Register; (2) contain a finding by the Secretary that exceptional hardship would result or that theie is such a vested interest; and (3) state the period of the waiver and indicate the actions taken to minimize or eliminate the conflict of interest during such period. (d) Any supervisory employee who continues to receive income from any energy concern, or continues to own property directly or indirectly in any such conceiii shall disclose such income or ownership pursuant to section 603.

91 STAT. 593

Transferred personnel, compliance. Notice.


Publication in Federal Register.


SEC. 603. (a) Each individual who at any time during the calendar year serves as an officer oi- employee of the I)epartment shall disclose to the Secretary— (1) the amount of income and the identity of the source of income knowdngly received by such individual, his spouse, or dependent from any energy concerU, and (2) the identity and value of interest knowingly held in any such concern during such calendar yeai'. Such report shall be filed not later than thirty days after commencing service in the Department and on May 15 following each such calendar yeai-. Each report under this subsection shall be in such form and niannei- as the Secretary shall, by rule, prescribe. . = = (b) The Secretary shall— (1) act, within ninety days after the effective date of this Act, by rule to establish the methods by which the requirement to file written statements specified in subsection (a) will be monitored and enforced, including appropriate provisions for the filing by such officers and employees of such statements, for the I'ecording by the reviewing official of any action taken to eliminate any potential conflict, and for the signing of such statement by the reviewing official; and (2) include, as part of the report made pursuant to section 657, a report with respect to such disclosures and the actions taken in regard thereto during the preceding calendar year. (c) I n the rules prescribed in subsection (b), the Secretary shall identify specific positions, or classes thereof, within the Department which are of a nonregulatory or nonpolicymaking nature at or below GS-12 of the General Schedule and shall exempt such positions and

Report, 42 USC 7213.

Exempt positions, 5 USC 5332 note.