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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977

91 STAT. 604


Foreign entities operating in the U.S., activity summary.

PUBLIC LAW 95-91—AUG. 4, 1977 age conservation practices, and to increase efficiency; and further such summary shall include a description of the activities the Department is performing in support of environmental, social, economic and institutional, biomedical, physical and safety research, development, demonstration, and monitoring activities necessary to guarantee that technological programs, funded by the Department, are nndertaken in a manner consistent with and capable of maintaining or improving the quality of the environment and of mitigating any undesirable environmental and safety impacts; (5) a review and appraisal of the adequacy and appropriateness of technologies, procedures, and practices (including competitive and regulatory practices) employed by Federal / State, and local governments and nongovernmental entities to achieve the purposes of this Act; (6) a summary of cooperative and voluntary efforts that have been mobilized to promote conservation and recycling, together with plans for such efforts in the succeeding fiscal year, and recommendations for changes in laws and regulations needed to encourage more conservation and recycling by all segments of the Nation's populace; (7) a summary of substantive measures taken by the Department to stimulate and encourage the development of new manpower resources through the Nation's colleges and universities and to involve these institutions in the execution of the Department's research and development program s; and (8) to the extent practicable, a summary of activities in the United States by companies or persons which are foreign owned or controlled and which own or control United States energy sources and supplies, including the magnitude of annual foreign direct investment in the energy sector in the United States and exports of energy resources from the United States by foreign owned or controlled business entities or persons, and such other related matters as the Secretary may deem appropriate. LEASING REPORT

Submittal to Congress. 42 USC 7268.

SEC. 658. The Secretary of the Interior shall submit to the Congress not later than one year after the date of enactment of this Act, a report on the organization of the leasing operations of the P'ederal Government, together with any recommendations for reorganizing such func- tions may deem necessary or appropriate. TRANSFER OF FUNDS

42 USC 7269. .ni

SEC. 659. The Secretary, when authorized in an appropriation Act, in any fiscal year, may transfer funds from one appropriation to another within the Department, except that no appropriation shall be either increased or decreased pursuant to this section by more than 5 per centum of the appropriation for such fiscal year. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS

42 USC 7270.

SEC. 660. Appropriations to carry out the provisions of this Act shall be subject to annual authorization.