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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977

PUBLIC LAW 95-91—AUG. 4, 1977

91 STAT. 611

(2) identify the strategies that should be followed and the resources that should be conunitted to achieve such objectives, forecasting the level of production and investment necessary in each of the significant energy supply sectors and the level of conservation and investment necessary in each consuming sector, and outlining the appropriate policies and actions of the Federal Government that will maximize the private production and investment necessary in each of the significant energy supply sectors consistent with applicable Federal, State, and local environmental laws, standards, and requirements; and (3) recommend legislative and administrative actions necessary and desirable to achieve the objectives of such proposed Plan, including legislative recommendations with respect to taxes or tax incentives, Federal funding, regulatory actions, antitrust policy, foreign policy, and international trade. (c) The President shall submit to the Congress with the proposed Report to Plan a report which shall include— Congress. (1) whatever data and analysis are necessary to support the objectives, resource needs, and policy recommendations contained in such proposed Plan; (2) an estimate of the domestic.and foreign energy supplies on which the United States will be expected to rely to meet projected energy needs in an economic manner consistent with the need to - ^ '• protect the environment, conserve natural resources, and implement foreign policy objectives; (3) an evaluation of current and foreseeable trends in the price, quality, management, and utilization of energy resources and the effects of those trends on the social, environmental, economic, and other requirements of the Nation; (4) a summary of research and development efforts funded by the Federal Government to forestall energy shortages, to reduce waste, to foster recycling, to encourage conservation practices, and to otherwise protect environmental quality, including recommendations for developing technologies to accomplish such purposes; and (5) a review and appraisal of the adequacy and appropriateness of technologies, procedures, and practices (including competitive and regulatory practices) employed by Federal, State, and local governments and nongovernmental entities to achieve the purposes of the Plan. (d) The President shall insure that consumers, small businesses, Consultation, and a wide range of other interests, including those of individual citizens who have no financial interest in the energy industry, are consulted in the development of the Plan. CONGRESSIONAL REVIEW

SEC. 802. (a) Each proposed Plan shall be referred to the appro- Plan, referral to priate committees in the Senate and the House of Representatives. congressional (b) Each such committee shall review the proposed Plan and, if committees. 7322. it deems appropriate and necessary, report to the Senate or the House 42 useto Report of Representatives legislation regarding such Plan which may contain Congress. such alternatives to, modifications of, or additions to the proposed Plan submitted by the President as the committee deems appropriate.