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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1978



Department of Energy Act of 1978Financial Institutions Regulatory and Civilian Applications 47 Interest Rate Control Act of 1978 3641 Department of Energy National Security and Military Applications Foreign Relations Authorization Act, of Nuclear Energy Authorization Fiscal Year 1979 963 Act of 1979 1775 Full Employment and Balanced Department of Energy Organization Growth Act of 1978 1887 Act, amendments 1775, 3289, 3350 Interstate transportation services 1337 Department of Housing and Urban Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978 3350 Development Act, amendments 2080 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Department of Justice Appropriation employees 2947 Authorization Act, Fiscal Year Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act 1979 3459 Amendments of 1978 629 Department of State Appropriations Power and energy rates charged to Authorization Act of 1973, customers of Southwestern Power amendments 963 Administration 1230 Department of Transportation Act, Pregnancy sex discrimination, amendments 3059 employment 2076 Departments. See specific departments. Public Telecommunications Departments of State, Justice, and Financing Act of 1978 2405 Commerce Appropriation Act, Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act 1945, amendments 963 of 1978 3117 Dependents' Education Advisory Rehabilitation, Comprehensive Council, establishment 2143 Services, and Developmental Dependents' Education Office, Disabilities Amendments of establishment 2143 1978 2955 Depository Institution Management Revenue Act of 1978 2763 Interlocks Act 3641 Women's Educational Equity Act of Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act 2955 1978 2143 Diplomatic Relations Act 808 District Courts. See under Courts, U.S. Disabled. See Handicapped. District of Columbia: • Disaster Assistance: Congressional representation, Agricultural Credit Act of 1978 420 proposed constitutional Comprehensive Older Americans Act amendment 3795 Amendments of 1978 1513 Council actions, congressional Endangered Species Act Amendments approval 3868 of 1978 3751 Declaration of Independence signers, Federal Emergency Management establishment of memorial in Agency, establishment 3788 Constitution Gardens 197 International Development and Food Executive agencies apportionment of Assistance Act of 1978 937 appointments for service in 25 Discrimination, Prohibition: Financial Institutions Regulatory and Age Discrimination in Employment Interest Rate Control Act of Act Amendments of 1978 189 1978 3641 Amateur Sports Act of 1978 3045 Merchant Marine Academy, Bankrupt persons 2549 appointments nominations 396 Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 1111 Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978 3350 Comprehensive Employment and Pension Building, restoration and Training Act Amendments of renovation, study 2544 1978 1909 Presidential Records Act of 1978 2523 Comprehensive Older Americans Act Public air space use agreement with Amendments of 1978 1513 U.S. Postal Service 37 Department of Energy Act of 1978Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act Civilian Applications 47 of 1978 3117 Emergency School Aid Act 2143 Redevelopment Land Agency, transfer Equal employment opportunity 3781 of certain U.S. real property 749 Equal Rights Amendment, Temporary Commission on Financial ratification extension 3799 Oversight, contractual authority Federal Public Transportation Act of flexibility 750 r 1978 2689 NOTE: Part 1 contains pages 1-1336; Part 2 contains pages 1337-2688; Part 3 contains pages 2689-3959.