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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1978

PUBLIC LAW 95-409—OCT. 2, 1978 SEC. 2. The Secretary of Agriculture shall appoint an interagency task force within the Department of Agriculture for the purpose of analyzing and recommending methods by which any livestock sellers, or their agents, may furnish to livestock marketing agencies, dealers, or packers, who purchase livestock or provide marketing services, information concerning the existence of any lien or security interest in or against such livestock. The Secretary shall submit a report of the findings and conclusions of such task force, including legislative recommendations, to the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry of the Senate and the Committee on Agriculture of the House of Representatives no later than February 1, 1979. Approved October 2, 1978.

LEGISLATIVE HISTORY: HOUSE REPORT No. 95-1337 accompanying H.R. 9482 (Comm. on Agriculture). SENATE REPORT No. 95-1053 (Comm. on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 124 (1978): Aug. 4, considered and passed Senate. Sept. 19, H.R. 9482 considered and passed House; passage vacated and S. 3272 passed in lieu.

92 STAT. 887 Interagency task force, 7 USC 221 note,

Report to congressional committees,