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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1978

92 STAT. 942

Ante, p. 938.


Transportation costs, defraying of.

Repeal. 22 USC 2151m. Repeal. 22 USC 2161, 2162, 2164, 2167, 2168, 2171, 2172, 2175, 2176-2178, 2180, 2180a, 2211-2213, 2216-2217a. 22 USC 2166. 22 USC 2174. 22 USC 2218. 22 USC 2351. 22 USC 2358.

PUBLIC LAW 95-424—OCT. 6, 1978 resources to benefit poor people in developing countries. The Congress declares that it is in the interest of the United States that such organizations and cooperatives expand their overseas devclopmen*: efforts without compromising their private and independent nature. The Congress further declares that the financial resources of such organizations and cooperatives should be supplemented by the contribution of public funds for the purpose of undertaking development activities in accordance with the principles set forth in section 102. The Congress urges the Administrator of the agency primarily responsible for administering this part, in implementing programs authorized under this part, to draw on the resource of private and voluntary organizations and cooperatives to plan and carry out development activities, " (b) I n order to further the efficient use of United States voluntary contributions for development, relief, and rehabilitation of friendly peoples, the President is authorized to use funds made available for the purposes of this chapter to p a y transportation charges on shipments by the American National Red Cross and by United States voluntary agencies registered with the Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid. " (c) Reimbursement under this section may be provided for transportation charges on shipments from United States ports, or in the case of excess or surplus property supplied by the United States from foreign ports, to ports of entry abroad or to points of entry abroad in cases (1) of landlocked countries, (2) where ports cannot be used effectively because of natural or other disturbances, (3) where carriers to a specified country are unavailable, or (4) where a substantial savings in costs or time can be effected by the utilization of points of entry other than ports. " (d) Where practicable, the President shall make arrangements with the receiving country for free entry of such shipments and for the making available by the country of local currencies for the purpose of defraying the transportation costs of such shipments from the port or point of entry of the receiving country to the designated shipping point of the consignee.". (f) Section 115 of such Act is repealed. fg)(1) Chapter 2 of part I of such Act, as amended by this section, is further amended— (A) by repealing title I (except sections 206 and 209), title II except sections 214 and 219), title VI, title VII, and title VIII; (B) by amending the chapter heading to read as follows: " C H A P T E R 2 — OTHER PROGRAMS";

(C) by inserting the following new title heading immediately before section 206: "TITLE I—MULTILATERAL AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS"; and

(D) by inserting the following new title heading immediately before section 214: "TITLE II—AMERICAN SCHOOLS AND HOSPITALS


(2)(A) Section 281 of such Act is amended by inserting "and chapter 1" immediately after "this chapter" each of the four places it appears. (B) Section 601(b)(5) of such Act is amended by striking out " 2 0 1 " and inserting in lieu thereof "122". (C) Section 608(a) of such Act is amended by striking out "section 212" and inserting in lieu thereof "chapter 1 of part I ".