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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1978

92 STAT. 1542

Preference of applicants.

Program evaluation procedures.

Report to G)ngress.

PUBLIC LAW 95-478~OCT. 18, 1978 " (H) Other services which the Commissioner determines are appropriate, which were previously unavailable to the individuals to be served and which, at a minimum, provide for identification and assessment of the long-term care needs of older individuals, referral of such individuals to the appropriate services, and follow-up and evaluation of the continued appropriateness of such services with provision for re-referral as appropriate. "(4) A grant under this section may be used to encourage the development of manpower training programs designed to further the purposes described in paragraph (3). "(b)(1) In making grants to States under this section preference shall be given to applicants which demonstrate that— "(A) adequate State standards have been developed to ensure the quality of services provided; "(B) the State has made a commitment to carry out the program assisted under this section with the State agency responsible for the administration of title X IX of the Social Security Act or title X X of the Social Security Act, or both such agencies; "(C) the State will develop plans to finance the comprehensive program assisted under this section; and "(D) the State agency has a plan for statewide or designated regions of the State containing provisions designed to maximize access to older individuals for long-term care services. "(2) In awarding grants to agencies and organizations under this section, preference shall be given to applicants that— " (A) possess the capability to establish community-based longterm care programs; and "(B) demonstrate that a need exists for the establishment of such programs in the area to be served. "(3) Agencies and organizations assisted under this section shall establish procedures for evaluating the program assisted under this section, with respect to the benefits accruing to persons receiving assistance, the feasibility of the administrative model used for comprehensive coordination of services including coordination with other local prograjns, and the comparative costs and quality of services provided, and shall submit such evaluation to the Commissioner on a periodic basis. " (c) The Secretary shall involve appropriate Federal departments and agencies in carrying out the provisions of this section in order to assure coordination at the Federal level and to avoid duplication and shall report to the Congress annually on the impact of grants made, on the experiences of grantees in meeting the requirements of this section, and on the comparative benefits and costs of projects assisted under this section. "(d) Sums appropriated to carry out this section shall, to the extent feasible, be used to support programs equitably distributed throughout the Nation between urban and rural areas. • SPECIAL DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS ON LEGAL SERVICES FOR OLDER AMERICANS

42 USC 3035d.

"SEC. 423. (a) The Commissioner may make grants to and enter into contracts with public and private nonprofit agencies or organizations in order to— "(1) support legal research, technical assistance, training, information dissemination, and other support activities to agen-