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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1978

PUBLIC LAW 95-625—NOV. 10, 1978

92 STAT. 3533


SEC. 755. Section 3(a) (10) of the Wild and Scenic Eivers Act 16 USC 1274. (relating to the Chattooga Kiver in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia) is amended by striking out "$2,000,000" and inserting in lieu thereof "$5,200,000". Subtitle D—Amendments to Public Law 90-542 TECHNICAL AMENDMENTS

SEC. 761. Section 2(a) of the Wild and Scenic Eivers Act is amended by striking out "without expense to the United States" and by adding the following at the end thereof: "Upon receipt of an application under clause (ii) of this subsection, the Secretary shall notify the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and publish such application in the Federal Register. Each river designated under clause (ii) shall be administered by the State or political subdivision thereof without expense to the United States other than for administration and management of federally owned lands. For purposes of the preceding sentence, amounts made available to any State or political subdivision under the Land and Water Conservation Act of 1965 or any other provision of law shall not be treated as an expense to the United States. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to provide for the transfer to, or administration by, a State or local authority of any federally owned lands which are within the boundaries of any river included within the system under clause (ii).". .


Notification to FERC and publication in Federal Register. 16 USC 1273.

16 USC 460/-4 note.


SEC. 762. Section 12(a) of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act is 16 USC 1283. amended by striking out the first sentence thereof and substituting: "The Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of Agriculture, and the head of any other Federal department or agency having jurisdiction over any lands which include, border upon, or are adjacent to, any river included within the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System or under consideration for such inclusion, in accordance with section 2(a) (ii), 3(a), or 5(a), shall take such action respecting management 16 USC 1273, policies, regulations, contracts, plans, affecting such lands, following 1274, 1276. the date of enactment of this sentence, as may be necessary to protect such rivers in accordance with the purposes of this Act. Such Secretary or other department or agency head shall, where appropriate, enter into written cooperative agreements with the appropriate State or local official for the planning, administration, and management of Federal lands which are within the boundaries of any rivers for which.' r',, •,.. > approval has been granted under section 2(a) (ii).". '• • MISCELLANEOUS TECHNICAL


'" SEC. 763. (a) Section 3(b) of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act is 16 USC 1274 amended by inserting after "one year from the date of this Act" the following: "(except where a different date is provided in subsection (a)) ". (b) Section 6(g)(3) of such Act is amended by inserting after 16 USC 1277. "January 1, 1967," the following "(except where a different date is specifically provided by law with respect to any particular river)". (c) Section 16(b) of such Act is deleted in its entirety, and section 16 USC 1287 16(a) is renumbered as section 16.