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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1979

93 STAT. 1268

36 USC 1302.

PUBLIC LAW 96-165—DEC. 29, 1979

James J. Lazarus, Kearny, New Jersey; Honorable John Davis Lodge, Westport, Connecticut; Honorable Al G. Loehr, Saint Cloud, Minnesota; Morgan Maxfield, North Kansas City, Missouri; Mrs. Andrew M. McBurney, New York, New York; Fred M. McCahey, Winnetka, Illinois; Brigadier General Martin Menter, United States Air Force (retired), Chevy Chase, Maryland; Ms. Mary Wells Milam, Miami, Florida; Nick J. Mileti, Gates Mills, Ohio; Donald L. Miller, New York, New York; Doctor Ron Miller, Brooklyn, New York; Fred Much, Houston, Texas; Doctor Frank L. Myers, Avenel, New Jersey; Chief Commissaryman Robert A. Nolan, United States Navy (retired), Washington, District of Columbia; Leo Perlis, Washington, District of Columbia; Robert B. Pirie, Washington, District of Columbia; Joseph Robbie, Miami, Florida; Vincent J. Romeo, Flat Rock, North Carolina; Lieutenant Colonel James H. Ryan, United States Army (retired). Mount Rainier, Maryland; Theodore R. Serrill, Edgewater, Maryland; Mrs. Charles H. Sethness, Junior, Chicago, Illinois; Joseph H. Singer, Somerville, New Jersey;Colonel C. Haskell Small, United States Army (retired), Washington, District of Columbia; Robert A. Staub, New York, New York; Dorothy C. Stephens, Washington, District of Columbia; Warren Titus, Boston, Massachusetts; Martin Tucker, New York, New York; Mrs. Pearl Scott Tyler, Boston, Massachusetts; Mrs. Audrey Ullman, Arlington, Virginia; Mrs. Paula Unruh, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Jeff Wald, Beverly Hills, California; Doctor Seymour S. Weisman, Norwalk, Connecticut; William G. Whyte, Washington, District of Columbia; Clifford R. Williams, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Julius E. Williams, New York, New York; Michael Collins, Washington, District of Columbia; and their successors are hereby created and declared to be a body corporate having the name United Service Organizations, Incorporated (hereinafter the "corporation"). The said corporation shall have perpetual existence and the powers, limitations, and restrictions herein contained. SEC. 2. OBJECTS AND PURPOSES OF THE CORPORATION.—The objects and purposes of the corporation are to provide a voluntary civilian agency through which the people of this Nation may, in peace or war, serve the religious, spiritual, social, welfare, educational, and entertainment needs of the men and women in the Armed Forces within or without the territorial limits of the United States, and in general, to contribute to the maintenance of morale of such men and women; to solicit funds for the maintenance of the organization and the accomplishment of its responsibility; to accept the cooperation of and to provide an organization and a means through which the National Board of Young Men's Christian Associations, National Board of Young Women's Christian Associations, National Catholic Community Service, the Salvation Army, the National Jewish Welfare