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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1979

PUBLIC LAW 96-72—SEPT. 29, 1979 (B) Each petition shall be in such form as the Secretary shall prescribe and shall contain information in support of the action requested. The petition shall include any information reasonably available to the petitioner indicating (i) that there has been a significant increase, in relation to a specific period of time, in exports of such material in relation to domestic supply, and (ii) that there has been a significant increase in the price of such material or a domestic shortage of such material under circumstances indicating the price increase or domestic shortage may be related to exports. (2) Within 15 days after receipt of any petition described in paragraph (1), the Secretary shall publish a notice in the Federal Register. The notice shall (A) include the name of the material which is the subject of the petition, (B) include the Schedule B number of the material as set forth in the Statistical Classification of Domestic and Foreign Commodities Exported from the United States, (C) indicate whether the petitioner is requesting that controls or monitoring, or both, be imposed with respect to the exportation of such material, and (D) provide that interested persons shall have a period of 30 days commencing with the date of publication of such notice to submit to the Secretary written data, views, or arguments, with or without opportunity for oral presentation, with respect to the matter involved. At the request of the petitioner or any other entity described in paragraph (1)(A) with respect to the material which is the subject of the petition, or at the request of any entity representative of producers or exporters of such material, the Secretary shall conduct public hearings with respect to the subject of the petition, in which case the 30-day period may be extended to 45 days. (3) Within 45 days after the end of the 30- or 45-day period described in paragraph (2), as the case may be, the Secretary shall— (A) determine whether to impose monitoring or controls, or both, on the export of such material, in order to carry out the policy set forth in section 3(2)(C) of this Act; and (B) publish in the Federal Register a detailed statement of the reasons for such determination. (4) Within 15 days after making a determination under paragraph (3) to impose monitoring or controls on the export of a material, the Secretary shall publish in the Federal Register proposed regulations with respect to such monitoring or controls. Within 30 days following the publication of such proposed regulations, and after considering any public comments thereon, the Secretary shall publish and implement final regulations with respect to such monitoring or controls. (5) For purposes of publishing notices in the Federal Register and scheduling public hearings pursuant to this subsection, the Secretary may consolidate petitions, and responses thereto, which involve the same or related materials. (6) If a petition with respect to a particular material or group of materials has been considered in accordance with all the procedures prescribed in this subsection, the Secretary may determine, in the absence of significantly changed circumstances, that any other petition with respect to the same material or group of materials which is filed within 6 months after consideration of the prior petition has been completed does not merit complete consideration under this subsection. (7) The procedures and time limits set forth in this subsection with respect to a petition filed under this subsection shall take precedence over any review undertaken at the initiative of the Secretary with respect to the same subject as that of the petition.

93 STAT. 517

Publication in Federal Register.


Publication in Federal Register. Publication in Federal Register.

Petitions, consolidation.