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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1979

PUBLIC LAW 96-102—NOV. 5, 1979

93 STAT. 759

to achieve an equal or greater reduction in use of the energy source for which a target is established than the national percentage referred to in subsection (a)(3)(D). Such plan shall contain measures which the President will implement, in accordance with other applicable provisions of law, to reduce on an emergency basis the use of energy by the Federal Government. In developing such plan the President shall consider the potential for emergency reductions in energy use— (1) by buildings, facilities, and equipment owned, leased, or under contract by the Federal Government; and (2) by Federal employees and officials through increased use of car and van pooling, preferential parking for multipassenger vehicles, and greater use of mass transit. (d) REVIEW OF TARGETS.—(1) From time to time, the President shall review and, consistent with subsection (a), modify to the extent the President considers appropriate the national and State energy conservation targets established under this subsection. (2) Any modification under this paragraph shall be accompanied by such information and analysis as is necessary to provide the basis therefor and shall be available to the Congress and the public. (3)(A) Before the end of the 12th month following the establishment of any conservation target under this section, and annually thereafter while such target is in effect, the President shall determine, for the energy source for which that target was established, whether a severe energy supply interruption exists or is imminent or that actions to restrain domestic energy demand are required in order to fulfill the obligations of the United States under the international energy program. The President shall transmit to the Congress and Transmittal to make public the information and other data on which any determina- Congress. tion under this subparagraph is based. (B) If the President determines such an energy supply interruption does not exist or is not imminent or such actions are not required, the conservation targets established under this section with respect to such energy source shall cease to be effective. (e) DETERMINATION AND PUBLICATION OF ACTUAL CONSUMPTION Publication in NATIONALLY AND STATE-BY-STATE.—Each month the Secretary shall Federal Register.

determine and publish in the Federal Register (1) the level of consumption for the most recent month for which the President determines accurate data is available, nationally and for each State, of any energy source for which a target under subsection (a) is in effect, and (2) whether the targets under subsection (a) have been substantially met or are likely to be met.


standing any other provision of law, the authority vested in the President under this section may not be delegated. SEC. 212. STATE EMERGENCY CONSERVATION PLAN.

(a) STATE EMERGENCY CONSERVATION PLANS.—(1)(A) Not later than 42 USC 8512. 45 days after the date of the publication of an energy conservation target for a State under section 211(b), the Governor of that State shall submit to the Secretary a State emergency conservation plan designed to meet or exceed the emergency conservation target in effect for that State under section 211(a). Such plan shall contain such information as the Secretary may reasonably require. At any time, the Governor may, with the approval of the Secretary, amend a plan established under this section. (B) The Secretary may, for good cause shown, extend to a specific Publication in date the period for the submission of any State's plan under subpara- R ^ ^ ^ ^