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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1979

93 STAT. 58

PUBLIC LAW 96-22—JUNE 13, 1979

38 USC 5006.

"§5006. Construction contracts "(a) The Administrator may carry out any construction or alteration authorized under this subchapter by contract if the Administrator considers it to be advantageous to the United States to do so. "(b)(1) The Administrator may obtain, by contract or otherwise, the services of individuals who are architects or engineers and of architectural and engineering corporations and firms, to the extent that the Administrator may require such services for any medical facility authorized to be constructed or altered under this subchapter. "(2) No corporation, firm, or individual may be employed under the authority of paragraph (1) of this subsection on a permanent basis. "(c) Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, the Administrator shall be responsible for all construction authorized under this subchapter, including the interpretation of construction contracts, the approval of materials and workmanship supplied pursuant to a construction contract, approval of changes in the construction contract, certification of vouchers for payments due the contractor, and final settlement of the contract.

38 USC 5007.

"§ 5007. Reports to congressional committees "(a) In order to promote effective planning for the orderly construction, replacement, and alteration of medical facilities in accordance with the comparative urgency of the need for the services to be provided by such facilities, the Administrator shall submit to each committee an annual report on the construction, replacement, and alteration of medical facilities. Such report shall be submitted to the committees on the same day each year and shall contain— "(1) a five-year plan for the construction, replacement, or alteration of those medical facilities that, in the judgment of the Administrator, are most in need of construction, replacement, or alteration; "(2) a list, in order of priority, of not less than ten hospitals that, in the judgment of the Administrator, are most in need of construction or replacement; and "(3) general plans (including projected costs, site location, and, if appropriate, necessary land acquisition) for each medical facility included in the five-year plan required under clause (1) of this subsection or the list required under clause (2) of this subsection. The first such report shall be submitted not later than September 1, 1979, and each succeeding report shall be submitted not later than June 30 of each year. "(b) The Administrator shall submit to each committee not later than January 31 of each year (beginning in 1981) a report showing the location, space, cost, and status of each medical facility the construction, alteration, lease, or other acquisition of which has been approved under section 5004(a) of this title and, in the case of the second and each succeeding report made under this subsection, which was uncompleted as of the date of the last preceding report made under this subsection.


Medical facility data.

Ante, p. 56.

38 USC 5008.

"§ 5008. Contributions to local authorities "The Administrator may make contributions to local authorities toward, or for, the construction of traffic controls, road improvements, or other devices adjacent to a medical facility if considered necessary for safe ingress or egress.