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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1980




National Day of Prayer for Americans Enrolled bills, corrections— Held Hostage in Iran, Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (H.R.39)...3688,3696 designation Capitol grounds (H.R.6331) 3677 National Symphony Orchestra, Depository Institutions concerts on Capitol grounds Deregulation and Monetary Publications, printing of additional Control Act of 1980 (H.R. copies— 4986) 3646 Anthology of Captive Nations Week Federal Trade Commission material Improvements Act of 1980 "Federal Election Campaign Laws (H.R.2313) 3652 Relating to the U.S. House of Health Programs Extension Act of Representatives" 1980(8.988) 3699 Future Directions for Aging Policy: Historic Sites, Buildings, and A Human Service Model" Antiquities Act of 1935, "Handbook for Small Business" administration improvements House Report 96-1035 (S.2680) 3673 "How Our Laws Are Made" Housing and Community Indian Claims Commission, final Development Act of 1980 report (S.2719) 3676 Mother Joseph of the Sisters of Indian judgment awards, use or Providence, statue presentation distribution of funds proceedings (S.J.Res.l08) 3642 "Our American Government" Mental Health Systems Act "Synthetic Fuels" (S.1177) 3674 "The Adequacy of the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Response to Foreign apropriation authorizations Investment in the United (S.562) 3668 States" Regulatory Flexibility Act (S.299) 3673 Rock Island Railroad, directed "The Capitol" service extension, transaction "The Senate Chamber, 1810-1859" assistance, employee protection "The Supreme Court Chamber, (S.2253) 3653 1810-1860" Veterans' Rehabilitation and "United States Botanic Garden Education Amendments of 1980 Conservatory—A Self Guided (H.R.5288) 3673 Tour" Woodstock Daily Sentinel, private Sakharov, Andrei, release from exile relief (H.R.7175) 3702 in U.S.S.R., sense of Congress Foreign languages and cultures Tunisia, U.S. economic and security studied in educational assistance, sense of Congress institutions, sense of Congress 3700 Wallenberg, Raoul, congressional Forest Service, seventy-fifth recognition of work performed in anniversary, congressional Hungary during World War II recognition 3678 Condominium and Cooperative Abuse Human rights and fundamental Relief Act of 1980 freedoms positions, Helsinki Final Act, sense of Congress 3672 Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon, reservation Inauguration, joint committee for establishment arrangements, authorization 3648 Congress: Khmer Refugees, U.N. humanitarian See also Concurrent Resolutions; assistance, sense of Congress 3644 Senate. Mother Joseph of the Sisters of Coastal Zone Management Providence, acceptance of statue Improvement Act of 1980 contributed by State of Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax Act of Washington 3647 1980 Munoz Marin, Don Luis, expressions Energy Security Act of congressional gratitude and Federal Trade Commission sympathy 3649 National Basketball Association and Improvements Act of 1980 All-Star Game participants, Maritime Education and Training Act official welcome 3641 of 1980 NOTE: Part 1 contains pages 1-1330; Part 2 contains pages 1331-2696; Part 3 contains pages 2697-3812.

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