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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1980

94 STAT. 322 Claims for 25 S 767^' 25 USC 768.

PUBLIC LAW 96-227—APR. 3, 1980 SEC. 8. Any legal claims for lands owned by the Shivwits, Kanosh, Koosharem, or Indian Peaks Bands of Paiute Indians of Utah and lost through tax sales or any other sales to individuals, corporations, or the State of Utah since September 1, 1954, are hereby barred. SEC. 9. The Secretary may make such rules and regulations as are necessary to carry out the purposes of the Act. Approved April 3, 1980.

LEGISLATIVE HISTORY: HOUSE REPORT No. 97-712 (Comm. on Interior and Insular Affairs). SENATE REPORT No. 96-481 accompanying S. 1273 (Comm. on Indian Affairs). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD: Vol. 125 (1979): Dec. 19, S. 1273 considered and passed Senate. Vol. 126 (1980): Feb. 25, H.R. 4996 considered and passed House. Mar. 11, considered and passed Senate, amended. Mar. 25, House concurred in Senate amendments. WEEKLY COMPILATION OF PRESIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS: Vol. 16, No. 14 (1980): Apr. 3, Presidential statement.