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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1980

PUBLIC LAW 96-189—FEB. 8, 1980 provided through the exercise of the power of eminent domain in accordance with the law of the State in which such property is located. Any signatory State, upon the written request of the Governor of any other signatory State for the benefit of whose water users property is to be acquired in the State to which such written request is made, shall proceed expeditiously to acquire the desired property either by purchase at a price acceptable to the requesting Governor, or if such purchase cannot be made, then through the exercise of its power of eminent domain and shall convey such property to the requesting State or to the person, or entity designated by its Governor provided, that all costs of acquisition and expenses of every kind and nature whatsoever incurred in obtaining such property shall be paid by the requesting State or the person or entity designated by its Governor. "C. Should any facility be constructed in a signatory State by and for the benefit of another signatory State or persons or entities therein, as above provided, the construction, repair, replacement, maintenance and operation of such facility shall be subject to the laws of the State in which the facility is located. "D. In the event lands or other taxable facilities are acquired by a signatory State in another signatory State for the use and benefit of the former, the users of the water made available by such facilities, as a condition precedent to the use thereof, shall pay to the political subdivisions of the State in which such facilities are located, each and every year during which such rights are enjoyed for such purposes, a sum of money equivalent to the average of the amount of taxes annually levied and assessed against the land and improvements thereon during the ten years preceding the acquisition of such land. Said payments shall be in full reimbursement for the loss of taxes in such political subdivision of the State. "E. Rights to the use of water acquired under this Article shall in all respects be subject to this Compact.

94 STAT. 13

Facilities, State authority.

Facilities, taxation.


"Stored water, or water from another watershed may be turned into the channel of the Bear River in one State and a like quantity, with allowance for loss by evaporation, transpiration, and seepage, may be taken out of the Bear River in another State either above or below the point where the water is turned into the channel, but in making such exchange the replacement water shall not be inferior in quality for the purpose used or diminished in quantity. Exchanges shall not be permitted if the effect thereof is to impair vested rights or to cause damage for which no compensation is paid. Water from another watershed or source which enters the Bear River by actions within a State may be claimed exclusively by that State and use thereof by that State shall not be subject to the depletion limitations of Articles IV, V and VI. Proof of any claimed increase in flow shall be the burden of the State making such claim, and it shall be approved only by the unanimous vote of the Commission.

Water exchanges.


"A. The following rights to the use of Bear River water carried in interstate canals are recognized and confirmed.

Interstate canals, water use.