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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1980

94 STAT. 1346 Appropriation authorization. Short title.

PUBLIC LAW 96-367—OCT. 1, 1980

SEC. 504. There is appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury ^^^ otherwise appropriated, for payment to Dorothy Runnels, widow of Harold Runnels, late a Representative from the State of New Mexico, $60,663. This Act may be cited as the "Energy and Water Development Appropriation Act, 1981". Approved October 1, 1980.

LEGISLATIVE HISTORY: HOUSE REPORTS: No. 96-1093 (Comm. on Appropriations) and No. 96-1366 (Coram. of Conference). SENATE REPORT No. 96-927 (Comm. on Appropriations). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 126 (1980): June 24, 25, considered and passed House. Sept. 9, 10, considered and passed Senate, amended. Sept. 24, House agreed to conference report; concurred in certain Senate amendments, in others with amendments; Senate agreed to conference report; concurred in House amendments. WEEKLY COMPILATION OF PRESIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS, Vol. 16, No. 40: Oct. 1, Presidential statement.