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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1980

94 STAT. 3002 Membership.

PUBLIC LAW 96-515—DEC. 12, 1980

"(A) the members of which are appointed by the State Historic Preservation Officer (unless otherwise provided for by State law), "(B) a majority of the members of which are professionals qualified in the following and related disciplines: history, prehistoric and historic archaeology, architectural history, and architecture, and Authority. "(C) which has the authority to— "(i) review National Register nominations and appeals from nominations; '(ii) review appropriate documentation submitted in conjunction with the Historic Preservation Fund; "(iii) provide general advice and guidance to the State Historic Preservation Officer, and "(iv) perform such other duties as may be appropriate. "(13) 'Historic preservation review commission' means a board, council, commission, or other similar collegial body which is established by State or local legislation as provided in section Ante, p. 2988. 101(c)(1)(B), and the members of which are appointed, unless otherwise provided by State or local legislation, by the chief elected official of the jurisdiction concerned from among— "(A) professionals in the disciplines of architecture, history, architectural history, planning, archaeology, or related disciplines, to the extent such professionals are available in the community concerned, and "(B) such other persons as have demonstrated special interest, experience, or knowledge in history, architecture, or related disciplines and as will provide for an adequate and qualified commission. Expenditures. "SEC. 302. Where appropriate, each Federal agency is authorized to 16 USC 470W-1. expend funds appropriated for its authorized programs for the purposes of activities carried out pursuant to this Act, except to the extent appropriations legislation expressly provides otherwise. Gifts or "SEC. 303. (a) The Secretary is authorized to accept donations and donations. bequests of money and personal property for the purposes of this Act 16 USC 470W-2. and shall hold, use, expend, and administer the same for such purposes. "(b) The Secretary is authorized to accept gifts or donations of less than fee interests in any historic property where the acceptance of such interests will facilitate the conservation or preservation of such properties. Nothing in this section or in any provision of this Act shall be construed to affect or impair any other authority of the Secretary under other provision of law to accept or acquire any property for conservation or preservation or for any other purpose. Information "SEC. 304. The head of any Federal agency, after consultation with disclosure. the Secretary, shall withhold from disclosure to the public, informa16 USC 470W-3. tion relating to the location or character of historic resources whenever the head of the agency or the Secretary determines that the disclosure of such information may create a substantial risk of harm, theft, or destruction to such resources or to the area or place where such resources are located. 16 USC 470W-4. "SEC. 305. In any civil action brought in any United States district court by any interested person to enforce the provisions of this Act, if such person substantially prevails in such action, the court may award attorneys' fees, expert witness fees, and other costs of participating in such action, as the court deems reasonable. National "SEC. 306. (a) In order to provide a national center to commemorate Museum ^""J^^e ^j^^j encourage the building arts and to preserve and maintain a 16 USC 470W-5.