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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1980

94 STAT. 3536 Ante, p. 3535.

PUBLIC LAW 96-606—DEC. 28, 1980

"(c) A claim under section 703 based upon an indirect ownership interest in a corporation, association, or other entity may be considered, subject to the other provisions of this title, only if at least 25 per centum of the entire ownership interest thereof, at the time of such loss, was vested in nationals of the United States or if, at the time of the loss, nationals of the United States in fact controlled the corporation, association, or entity, as determined by the Commission. "(d) The amount of any claim covered by subsection (b) or (c) of this section shall be calculated on the basis of the total loss suffered by the corporation, association, or other entity, with respect to which the claim is made, and shall bear the same proportion to such loss as the ownership interest of the claimant at the time of loss bears to the entire ownership interest thereof. "OFFSETS

22 USC I645e.

"SEC. 706. In determining the amount of any claim under this title, the Commission shall deduct all amounts the claimant has received from any source on account of the same loss or losses for which the claim is filed. "CERTIFICATION; ASSIGNED CLAIMS

22 USC I645f.

"SEC. 707. (a) The Commission shall certify to each claimant who files a claim under this title the amount determined by the Commission to be the loss suffered by the claimant which is covered by this title. The Commission shall certify to the Secretary of State such amount and the basic information underlying that amount, together with a statement of the evidence relied upon and the reasoning employed in making that determination. "0?) In any case in which a claim under this title is assigned by purchase before the Commission determines the amount due on that claim, the amount so determined shall not exceed the amount of actual consideration paid by the last such assignee. "CONSOLIDATED AWARDS

22 USC I645g.

"SEC. 708. With respect to any claim under section 703 of this Act which, at the time of the award, is vested in persons other than the person by whom the original loss was sustained, the Commission shall issue a consolidated award in favor of all claimants then entitled to the award, which award shall indicate the respective interests of such claimants in the award, and all such claimants shall participate, in proportion to their indicated interests, in any payments that may be made under this title in all respects as if the award had been in favor of a single person. CLAIMS F U N D

22 USC I645h. Establishment.

"SEC. 709. (a) The Secretary of the Treasury may establish in the Treasury of the United States the Claims Fund for the payment of unsatisfied claims of nationals of the United States against Vietnam, as authorized by this title. "(h) The Secretary of the Treasury shall deduct from any amounts covered into the Claims Fund an amount equal to 5 per centum thereof as reimbursement to the Government of the United States for expenses incurred by the Commission and by the Treasury Department in the administration of this title. The amounts so deducted shall be covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts.