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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1980

PUBLIC LAW 96-502—DEC. 5, 1980

94 STAT. 2739

"(e) The Administrator is authorized to make grants to a public Grants. water system which is required, under State or local law, to meet standards relating to drinking water turbidity which are more stringent than the standards in effect pursuant to this title. Such grants shall be used by the public water system for the development and demonstration (including construction and installation) of any water filtration system which will demonstrate a new or improved method of meeting such more stringent standards,". Approved December 5, 1980.

LEGISLATIVE HISTORY: HOUSE REPORT No. 96-1348 (Comm. on Interstate and Foreign Commerce). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 126 (1980): Sept. 22, 23, considered and passed House. Nov. 19, considered and passed Senate.