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PUBLIC LAW 96-000—MMMM. DD, 1980

94 STAT. 3606

PRIVATE LAW 96-63—OCT. 19, 1980 Schmitt-Thiessen, Peter Schmitt-Thiessen, Franz SCHMITT-Thiessen, Johann Schmitt-Friessen, Margaretha Schmitt-Friessen, Heinrich Schmitt-Friessen, David SCMITT-Sall,Johan Scmitt-Klassen, Katharina Scmitt-Klassen, Franz Scmitt-Klassen, David Scmitt-Klassen, Anna Scmitt-Klassen, Aganetha Scmitt-Klassen, Abraham SIEMENS-Hine, William Siemens-Peters, Margaretha Siemens-Peters, George Siemens-Peters, Nettie Colleen TEICHROEB-Weibe, Bernardo Teichroeb-Neufeld, Helena Teichroeb-Neufeld, Monica Lyn TEICHROEB-Knelsen, Johan Teichroeb, Peter Siemens Teichroeb-Siemens, Elizabeth Teichroeb-Siemens, Johan Teichroeb-Siemens, Katharina Teichroeb-Siemens, Mary TEICHROEB-Weibe, Johan Teichroeb-Goertzen, Anna Teichroeb-Goertzen, Bernardo Teichroeb-Goertzen, Franz Teichroeb-Goertzen, Maria Teichroeb-Cjoertzen, Peter Teichroeb-Goertzen, Susana TEICHROEB-Siemens, William Teichroeb, Anna Guenter WALL-Bergen, Isaak Fehr-de Wall, Justina Wall-Fehr, Isaak Wall-Fehr, Jacob Wall-Fehr, Johan WALL-Smith, Jacob WIEBE-Dyck, Bemhard Wiebe, Tina Neufeld WIEBE-Klassen, Franz Wiebe-Redekop, Maria Wiebe-Redekop, Jake Wiebe-Redekop, Peter Wiebe-Redekop, Susana Wiebe-Redekop, Teena WIEBE-Dyck, Gerardo Klassen-Wiebe, Susana WIEBE-Klassen, Henrich WIEBE-Gunter, Issac WIEBE-Peters, Isaak WIEBE-Gunther, Jacob Wiebe-Neufeld, Helena Wiebe-Neufeld, Jacob Wiebe-Neufeld, Tina