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PUBLIC LAW 97-000—MMMM. DD, 1981

95 STAT. 1258


Emergency conditions. Report to President and congressional committees.

"SEC. 110. (a) The Secretary shall formulate and administer a program under which producers of wheat and feed grains will be able to store wheat and feed grains when such commodities are in abundant supply and extend the time period for their orderly marketing. The Secretary shall establish safeguards to assure that wheat and feed grains held under the program shall not be utilized in any manner to unduly depress, manipulate, or curtail the free market. The authority provided by this section shall be in addition to other authorities available to the Secretary for carrying out producer loan and storage operations. "(b) In carrsdng out the producer storage program, the Secretary shall provide original or extended price support loans for wheat and feed grains under terms and conditions designed to encourage producers to store wheat and feed grains for extended periods of time in order to promote orderly marketing when wheat or feed grains are in abundant supply. Loans made under this section shall be made at such level of support as the Secretary determines appropriate, except that the loan rate shall not be less than the then current level of support under the wheat and feed grain programs established under this title. Among such other terms and conditions as the Secretary may prescribe by regulation, the program may provide for (1) repayment of such loans in not less than three years nor more than five years; (2) payments to producers for storage in such amounts and under such conditions as the Secretary determines appropriate to encourage producers to participate in the program; (3) a rate of interest as determined under subsection (c) of this section; (4> recovery of amounts paid for storage, and for the payment of additional interest or other charges if such loans are repaid by producers before the market price for wheat or feed grains has reached the price levels determined under clause (5) of this sentence; and (5) conditions designed to induce producers to redeem and market the wheat or feed grains securing such loans without regard to the maturity dates thereof whenever the Secretary determines that the market price for the commodity has attained a specified level, as determined by the Secretary. "(c) The rate of interest charged participants in the program authorized by this section shall be not less than the rate of interest charged the Commodity Credit Corporation by the United States Treasury, except that the Secretary may waive or adjust such interest as the Secretary deems appropriate to effectuate the purposes of this section. The Secretary may increase the applicable rate of interest in such amounts and at such intervals as the Secretary determines is appropriate to encourage the orderly marketing of wheat and feed grains securing loans made under this section after the market price for the commodity has attained the level determined under clause (5) of the third sentence of subsection (b) of this section. "(d) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary may require producers to repay loans under this section plus accrued interest and such other charges as may be required by regulation prior to the maturity date thereof if the Secretary determines that emergency conditions exist which require that such commodity be made available in the market to meet urgent domestic or international needs and the Secretary reports such determination and the reasons therefor to the President, the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry of the Senate, and the Committee on Agricul-