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PUBLIC LAW 97-000—MMMM. DD, 1981

PUBLIC LAW 97-114—DEC. 29, 1981

95 STAT. 1581

or estimated cost of utilities as may be furnished by the Government and of shrinkage, spoilage, and pilferage of merchandise under the control of such commissary stores, except as authorized under regulations promulgated by the Secretaries of the military departments concerned with the approval of the Secretary of Defense, which regulations shall provide for reimbursement therefor to the appropriations concerned and, notwithstanding any other provision of law, shall provide for the adjustment of the sales prices in such commissary stores to the extent necessary to furnish sufficient gross revenues from sales of commissary stores to make such reimbursement: Provided, That under such regulations as may be issued pursuant to this section all utilities may be furnished without cost to the commissary stores outside the continental United States and in Alaska: Provided further. That no appropriation contained in this Act shall be available to pay any costs incurred by any commissary store or other entity acting on behalf of any commissary store in connection with obtaining the face value amount of manufacturer or vendor cents-off discount coupons unless all fees or moneys received for handling or processing such coupons are reimbursed to the appropriation charged with the incurred costs: Provided further. That no appropriation contained in this Act shall be available in connection with the operation of commissary stores within the continental United States unless the Secretary of Defense has certified that items normally procured from commissary stores are not otherwise available at a reasonable distance and a reasonable price in satisfactory quality and quantity to the military and civilian employees of the Department of Defense. SEC. 715. No part of the appropriations in this Act shall be available for any expense of operating aircraft under the jurisdiction of the armed forces for the purpose of proficiency flying, as defined in Department of Defense Directive 1340.4, except in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Defense. Such regulations (1) may not require such flying except that required to maintain proficiency in anticipation of a member's assignment to combat operations and (2) such flying may not be permitted in cases of members who have been assigned to a course of instruction of ninety days or more. SEC. 716. NO part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall be available for expense of transportation, packing, crating, temporary storage, drayage, and unpacking of household goods and personal effects in any one shipment having a net weight in excess of thirteen thousand five hundred pounds. SEC. 717. Vessels under the jurisdiction of the Department of Commerce, the Department of the Army, the Department of the Air Force, or the Department of the Navy may be transferred or otherwise made available without reimbursement to any such agencies upon the request of the head of one agency and the approval of the agency having jurisdiction of the vessels concerned. SEC. 718. Not more than 20 per centum of the appropriations in this Act which are limited for obligation during the current fiscal year shall be obligated during the last two months of the fiscal year: Provided, That this section shall not apply to obligations for support of active duty training of civilian components or summer camp training of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, or the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice, Army. SEC. 719. During the current fiscal year the agencies of the Department of Defense may accept the use of real property from foreign countries for the United States in accordance with mutual

Proficiency flying.

Household goods.

Vessels transfer. 40 USC 483a.

Obligated funds, limitation.

Foreign real property, commodities, and services.