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PUBLIC LAW 97-000—MMMM. DD, 1981

PUBLIC LAW 97-35—AUG. 13, 1981

95 STAT. 417


SEC. 339 A. Section 106(a)(3) of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 is amended by inserting the following before the period at 12 USC I701x. the end of the first sentence: "; except that for the fiscal year 1982, there are authorized to be appropriated not to exceed $4,000,000 for such purposes". TECHNICAL AMENDMENTS

SEC. 339B. (a) The last sentence of section 207(c)(3), section 213(p), the last proviso in section 220(d)(3)(B)(iii), section 221(k), the proviso in section 231(c)(2), and section 234(j) of the National Housing Act are amended— (1) by inserting "therein" immediately after "installation" wherever it appears; and (2) by striking out "therein" before the punctuation at the end thereof. (b) Section 223(f) of such Act is amended— (1) by inserting "and" immediately after the semicolon at the end of paragraph (2)(A); and (2) by redesignating paragraph (5) as paragraph (4). (c) For purposes of paragraphs (1) and (4) of section 308(c) of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1980, the term "mobile home" and the term "manufactured home" shall be deemed to include the term "mobile homes" and the term "manufactured homes", respectively. (d)(1) The material preceding the proviso in clause (2) of the first sentence of section 234(c) of the National Housing Act is amended to read as follows: "(2) the project is or has been covered by a mortgage insured under any section (except section 213(a)(1) and (2)) of this Act or the project was approved for a guarantee, insurance, or a direct loan under chapter 37 of title 38, United States Code, notwithstanding any requirements in any such section that the project be constructed or rehabilitated for the purpose of providing rental housing:". (2) Section 318 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1980 is repealed.

12 USC 1713, 1715e, 1715k, 1715/, 1715v, 1715y.

94 Stat. 1650. 12 USC 1715n.

Definitions. 94 Stat. 1640. 12 USC 1701 et seq., 5401 et seq. 12 USC 1715y. 12 USC 1715e. 38 USC 1801 et seq.

Repeal. 94 Stat. 1646.


SEC. 339C. The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is authorized to develop and implement a demonstration program utilizing lower cost building technology for projects located on innercity vacant land.

12 USC 1701Z-14.


SEC. 339D. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the authorizations for appropriations for programs and activities administered by the Secretary for Housing and Urban Development in fiscal year 1981 are reduced by $5,359,000,000. (b) This section takes effect upon the date of enactment of this Act. Effective date. NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF BUILDING SCIENCES

SEC. 339E. (a) Section 809(h) of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 is amended by striking out "through 1982 12 USC i70lj-2. (with" and inserting in lieu thereof "through 1984 (with not more than $500,000 to be appropriated for each of the fiscal years 1982, 1983, and 1984 and with^'.