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PUBLIC LAW 97-000—MMMM. DD, 1981

95 STAT. 706

Transmittal to congressional committees.

Publication in Federal Register.

PUBLIC LAW 97-35—AUG. 13, 1981 tial costs and benefits, and a brief explanation of why such alternatives should not be published as a proposed rule. The Commission shall transmit such notice within 10 calendar days to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the Senate and the Committee on Energy and Commerce of the House of Representatives. "(d)(1) Within 60 days after the publication under subsection (c) of a proposed consumer product safety rule respecting a risk of injury associated with a consumer product, the Commission shall— "(A) promulgate a consumer product safety rule respecting the risk of injury associated with such product, if it makes the findings required under subsection (f), or "(B) withdraw the applicable notice of proposed rulemaking if it determines that such rule is not (i) reasonably necessary to eliminate or reduce an unreasonable risk of injury associated with the product, or (ii) in the public interest; except that the Commission may extend such 60-day period for good cause shown (if it publishes its reasons therefor in the Federal Register). "(2) Consumer product safety rules shall be promulgated in accordance with section 553 of title 5, United States Code, except that the Commission shall give interested persons an opportunity for the oral presentation of data, views, or arguments, in addition to an opportunity to make written submissions. A transcript shall be kept of any oral presentation. "(e) A consumer product safety rule shall express in the rule itself the risk of injury which the standard is designed to eliminate or reduce. In promulgating such a rule the Commission shall consider relevant available product data including the results of research, development, testing, and investigation activities conducted generally and pursuant to this Act. In the promulgation of such a rule the Commission shall also consider and take into account the special needs of elderly and handicapped persons to determine the extent to which such persons may be adversely affected by such rule. "(f)(1) Prior to promulgating a consumer product s a f e ^ rule, the Commission shall consider, and shall make appropriate findings for inclusion in such rule with respect to— "(A) the degree and nature of the risk of injury the rule is designed to eliminate or reduce; "(B) the approximate number of consumer products, or types or classes thereof, subject to such rule; "(C) the need of the public for the consumer products subject to such rule, and the probable effect of such rule upon the utility, cost, or availability of such products to meet such need; and "(D) any means of achieving the objective of the order while minimizing adverse effects on competition or disruption or dislocation of manufacturing and other commercial practices consistent with the public health and safety. "(2) The Commission shall not promulgate a consumer product safety rule unless it has prepared, on the basis of the findings of the Commission under paragraph (1) and on other information before the Commission, a final regulatory analysis of the rule containing the following information: "(A) A description of the potential benefits and potential costs of the rule, including costs and benefits that cannot be quantified in monetary terms, and the identification of those likely to receive the benefits and bear the costs.