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PUBLIC LAW 97-000—MMMM. DD, 1982

PUBLIC LAW 97-295—OCT. 12, 1982

96 STAT. 1293

"(c)(1) A person who (A) holds civilian office or employment (including employment as a consultant or part-time employee) in the Department at any time during a fiscal year at a pay rate at least equal to the minimum rate for GS-13, and (B) within the 3-year period before the effective date of employment with the Department was employed by, or served as a consultant or otherwise to, a defense contractor at any time during a fiscal year at an annual pay rate of at least $15,000 and the contractor was awarded contracts by the Department during that fiscal year that total at least $10,000,000, shall file a report with the Secretary in the way and at the time prescribed by the Secretary. "(2) The report shall contain the following information: "(A) The name and address of the person reporting. "(B) The title of the position of the person with the Department. "(C) A brief description of the duties with the Department. "(D) The name and address of the defense contractor that employed the person or for whom the person served as a consultant or otherwise. "(E) The title of the position of the person when serving the defense contractor. "(F) A brief description of the duties and the work performed by the person for the defense contractor. "(G) The date the service of the person with the defense contractor ended and the date the service with the Department began. "(H) Other pertinent information the Secretary requires. "(d) The Secretary shall maintain a file containing the information filed under this section. The file may be inspected by members of the public at any time during regular work hours. "(e) Before April 1 of each year, the Secretary shall report to Congress the names of persons who have filed reports for the preceding fiscal year under this section. The names shall be listed, by groups, under the names of the appropriate defense contractors. The Secretary may include for each name appropriate additional information. "(f) A person not complying with the filing requirements of this section shall be fined not more than $1,000, or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both.

Files, inspection, Report to Congress.


"§ 2398. Procurement of gasohol as motor vehicle fuel 10 USC 2398. "To the maximum extent feasible and consistent with overall defense needs and vehicle management practices prescribed by the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary shall make contracts, by competitive bid and subject to appropriations, to purchase domestically produced alcohol or alcohol-gasoline blends containing at least 10 percent domestically produced alcohol for use in motor vehicles owned or operated by the Department of Defense.

  • '§ 2399. Limitation on availability of appropriations to reimburse lo use 2399.

a contractor for the cost of commercial insurance "None of the funds appropriated to the Department of Defense is available for obligation to reimburse a contractor for the cost of commercial insurance that protects against the costs of the contractor for correction of the contractor's own defects in materials or workmanship.