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PUBLIC LAW 97-000—MMMM. DD, 1982

PUBLIC LAW 97-248—SEPT. 3, 1982 (a)(1), including therein, in accordance with accounting procedures prescribed by the Secretary, its methods of allocating costs between individuals enrolled under this section and other individuals enrolled with such organization; "(B) that failure to report such information as may be required may be deemed to constitute evidence of likely overpayment on the basis of which appropriate collection action may be taken; "(C) that in any case in which an eligible organization is related to another organization by common ownership or control, a consolidated financial statement shall be filed and that the allowable costs for such organization may not include costs for the types of expense otherwise reimbursable under this title, in excess of those which would be determined to be reasonable in accordance with regulations (providing for limiting reimbursement to costs rather than charges to the eligible organization by related organizations and owners) issued by the Secretary; and "(D) that in any case in which compensation is paid by an eligible organization substantially in excess of what is normally paid for similar services by similar practitioners (regardless of method of compensation), such compensation may as appropriate be considered to constitute a distribution of profits. "(i)(l) Each contract under this section shall be for a term of at least one year, as determined by the Secretary, and may be made automatically renewable from term to term in the absence of notice by either party of intention to terminate at the end of the current term; except that the Secretary may terminate any such contract at any time (after such reasonable notice and opportunity for hearing to the eligible organization involved as he may provide in regulations), if he finds that the organization— "(A) has failed substantially to carry out the contract, "(B) is carrying out the contract in a manner inconsistent with the efficient and effective administration of this section, or "(C) no longer substantially meets the applicable conditions of subsections (b), (c), and (e). "(2) The effective date of any contract executed pursuant to this section shall be specified in the contract. "(3) Each contract under this section— "(A) shall provide that the Secretary, or any person or organization designated by him— "(i) shall have the right to inspect or otherwise evaluate (I) the quality, appropriateness, and timeliness of services performed under the contract and (II) the facilities of the organization when there is reasonable evidence of some need for such inspection, and "(ii) shall have the right to audit and inspect any books and records of the eligible organization that pertain (I) to the ability of the organization to bear the risk of potential financial losses, or (II) to services performed or determinations of amounts payable under the contract; "(B) shall require the organization with a risk-sharing contract to provide (and pay for) written notice in advance of the contract's termination, as well as a description of alternatives for obtaining benefits under this title, to each individual enrolled under this section with the organization; and

96 STAT. 349

Filing of a consolidated financial statement.

Distribution of profits.