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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-511—OCT. 19, 1984

98 STAT. 2403

reduction shall be made only to the extent that (i) such amounts are made available for such purpose specifically because of the refugee, parollee, asylee, or other immigrant status of the individuals served by such funds, and (ii) such amounts are made available to provide assistance to individuals eligible for services under this title. (B) No reduction of a grant under this title shall be made under subparagraph (A) for any fiscal year if a reduction is made, pursuant to a comparable provision in any such other Federal law, in the amount made available for expenditure in the State for such fiscal year under such other Federal law, based on the amount assumed to be available under this title. (c)(1) Determinations by the Secretary under this section for any period with respect to the number of immigrant children shall be made on the basis of data or estimates provided to the Secretary by each State educational agency in accordance with criteria established by the Secretary, unless the Secretary determines, after notice and opportunity for a hearing to the affected State educational agency, that such data or estimates are clearly erroneous. (2) No such determination with respect to the number of immigrant children shall operate because of an underestimate or overestimate to deprive any State educational agency of its entitlement to any payment (or the amount thereof) under this section to which such agency would be entitled had such determination been made on the basis of accurate data. (d) Whenever the Secretary determines that any amount of a payment made to a State under this title for a fiscal year will not be used by such State for carrying out the purpose for which the payment was made, the Secretary shall make such amount available for carrying out such purpose to one or more other States to the extent the Secretary determines that such other States will be able to use such additional amount for carrying out such purpose. Any amount made available to a State from an appropriation for a fiscal year in accordance with the preceding sentence shall, for purposes of this title, be regarded as part of such State's payment (as determined under subsection (b)) for such year, but shall remain available until the end of the succeeding fiscal year. USES OF FUNDS

SEC. 607. (a) Payments made under this title to any State may be 20 USC 4106. used in accordance with applications approved under section 608 for supplementary educational services and costs, as described under subsection (b) of this section, for immigrant children enrolled in the elementary and secondary public schools under the jurisdiction of the local educational agencies of the State described in section 606(b)(2) and in elementary and secondary nonpublic schools of that State within the districts served by such agencies. (b) Financial assistance provided under this title shall be available to meet the costs of providing immigrant children supplementary educational services, including but not limited to— (1) supplementary educational services necessary to enable those children to achieve a satisfactory level of performance, including— (A) English language instruction; (B) other bilingual educational services; and (C) special materials and supplies;