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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984



Revised Organic Act of the Virgin Education awards funds 233 Islands, amendments...l732, 1735, 1737Education for Economic Security 1741 Act 1267 Rice, Agricultural Programs Department of Defense Authorization Adjustment Act of 1984 130 Act, 1985 2492 Richard B. Russell Dam and Lake Intermountain Indian Boarding project, authority modification 106 School, Utah 1477 Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike, toll State mining and mineral resources restrictions elimination 3170 research institute program 1536 River and Harbor Act of 1946, Water Resources Research Act of amendments 3169 1984 97 Rivers and Harbors: Science and Technology: Colorado River Basin, salinity Antarctic Marine Living Resources reduction 2933 Convention Act of 1984 3398 Eastport, Me., navigation project, Arctic Research and Policy Act of repeal of authorization 106 1984 1242 Frank Church-River of No Return Commercial Space Launch Act 3055 Wilderness 60 Counterfeit Access Device and Trinity River Basin, fish and wildlife Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of restoration 2721 1984 2190 Rock Island Transition and Employee Department of Housing and Urban Assistance Act, amendments 3361 Development-Independent Rubber, research program extension 181 Agencies, 1985 1213 Runaway and Homeless Youth Act, Education Amendments of 1984 2366 amendments 2122-2125 Hazardous and Solid Waste Rural Areas: Amendments of 1984, The 3221 Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education Health Promotion and Disease Act 2435 Prevention Amendments of Developmental Disabilities Act of 1984 2815 1984 2662 Land Remote-Sensing Russell Lakes Waterfowl Management Commercialization Act of 1984 451 Area 2941 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act, 1985 422 National Critical Materials Act of Sabine National Forest, conveyance of 1984 1248 land 2943 Semiconductor Chip Protection Act of Safety: 1984 3347 Aviation administration and industry, Small Business Computer Security study 1825 and Education Act of 1984 431 Department of Defense Authorization Small Business and Federal Act, 1985 2492 Procurement Competition General Post Office Building, Enhancement Act of 1984 3066 Washington, D.C., propery Trade and Tariff Act of 1984 2948 transfer 2433 Maritime Safety Act of 1984 2303 Water Resources Research Act of 1984 97 Motor vehicle safety provisions 435 Tandem Truck Safety Act of 1984 2829 Sea Grant Program Improvement Act of 1976, amendments 3410 Sailing School Vessels Act of 1982, amendments 2876 Seashores, National. See National Parks, Monuments, Seashores, Etc. Saint Elizabeths Hospital of the Secondary Mortgage Market District of Columbia Mental Enhancement Act of 1984 1689 Health Services Act 3369 Securities: San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Bankruptcy Amendments and Federal Refuge, amendments 270 Judgeship Act of 1984 333 San Juan Basin Wilderness Protection Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 494 Act of 1984 3155 Delaware River Basin Compact 2268 Department of Defense Authorization Santa Monica Mountains National Act, 1985 2492 Recreation Area, land exchange 2946 Federal Capital Investment Program Schools and Colleges: Information Act of 1984 2324 See also Universities. Indian Financing Act Amendments of Education Amendments of 1984 2366 1984 1725 NOTE: Page references are to beginning pages of each law, with the exception of acts being amended or repealed, which cite to pages where they actually appear.