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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984


A35 Page


Texas: Big Thicket National Preserve, land acquisition 2267 High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program Act of 1983 1675 Oil and gas leasing 2697 Sabine National Forest, land conveyance 2943 Texas Wilderness Act of 1984 3051 Textile Fiber Products Identincation Act, amendments 1603, 1604 369th Veterans' Association, charter 2920 Tobacco and Tobacco Products, Cigarette Safety Act of 1984 2925 Torture by Foreign Governments, U.S. policy on opposition 1721 Toxic Substances Control Act, amendments 3358 Toy Safety Act of 1984 2269 Trade. See Commerce and Trade. Trade Act of 1974, amendments...ll72, 2998, 3006, 3013, 3015, 3018-3020, 3023 Trade and Tariff Act of 1984 2948 Trademark Clarification Act of 1984 3335 Trademark Counterfeiting Act of 1984 2178 Trail System, National. See National Trail System. Training. See Education. Trans-Alaska Pipeline Authorization Act, amendments 3360 Transportation: Aviation Drug-Trafficking Control Act 2312 Civil Aeronautics Board Sunset Act of 1984 1703 Codification of recent laws 3 Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 494 Department of Defense Authorization Act, 1985 2492 District of Columbia, et al., Washington metropolitan area improvements agreement 308 Intercity Rail Passenger Service, study 399 Safety provisions for motor vehicles 435 Shipping Act of 1984 67 Trinity River Basin Fish and Wildlife Task Force, establishment 2721 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands: Older Americans Act Amendments of 1984 1767 Rehabilitation Amendments of 1984 17 Water Resources Research Act of 1984 97 Truth in Lending Act, amendments 2234

u Uniformed Services: Antarctic Marine Living Resources Convention Act of 1984 3398 Coast Guard Authorization Act of 1984 2860 Department of Defense Authorization Act, 1985 2492 Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act, amendments 2549 Uniformed Services Pay Act of 1981, amendments 2877 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: Arms race in space, cooperative EastWest ventures 2914 Department of Defense Authorization Act, 1985 2492 United States Grain Standards Act, amendments 1831 United States Housing Act of 1937, amendments 2219-2224, 2229 United States Institute of Peace, establishment 2651 United States Institute of Peace Act 2649 United States Olympic Team, congratulations 1365 United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation Act of 1980, amendments 1860 Universities: See also Schools and Colleges. Georgia, education funds 2236 Hartford, library funds 2236 Kansas, education funds 2236 Massachusetts, education funds 2236 Unknown American serving in Southeast Asia during Vietnam era, awarding of Medal of Honor 216 Urban Areas: Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education Act 2435 Developmental Disabilities Act of 1984 2662 Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964, amendments 1400 Urban Property Protection and Reinsurance Act of 1968, amendments 2230-2231 Utah: Human Services Reauthorization Act 2878 Indian community impact planning 1331 Intermountain Indian Boarding School 1477 Paiute Indian Tribe, lands in trust 11 Utah Wilderness Act of 1984 1657 Utilities: Electric and telephone facilities, rental exemption 215

NOTE: Page references are to beginning pages of each law, with the exception of acts being amended or repealed, which cite to pages where they actually appear.