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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-390—AUG. 21, 1984

98 STAT. 1357

(c) If none of the Eastern Creeks which have filed a petition for acknowledgement are recognized as an Indian tribe by the Secretary prior to December 30, 1984, the funds held in trust for the Eastern Creeks under this Act (including all interest and income accrued thereon) shall be distributed by the Secretary in the form of per capita payments in addition to any amount appropriated in satisfaction of a judgment awarded the Eastern Creeks in docket numbered 275 of the Indian Claims Commission. SEC. 4. If Federal recognition as an Indian tribe is extended to any 25 USC 788b Eastern Creek entity prior to distribution of the funds awarded in "o*®docket numbered 272 and 275, such tribe or tribes shall be entitled to amend the existing distribution plans for these awards by filing with the Secretary an alternative distribution plan for its proportionate share of funds in these dockets. Approved August 21, 1984.

LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—S. 1224: HOUSE REPORT No. 98-869 (Comm. on Interior and Insular Affairs). SENATE REPORT No. 98-421 (Select Comm. on Indian Affairs). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 130 (1984): May 10, considered and passed Senate. Aug. 6, considered and passed House.