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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

98 STAT. 2474

Ante, p. 2435. 29 USC 1501 note.

PUBLIC LAW 98-524—OCT. 19, 1984

training planning and administering agencies (including apprenticeship training agencies) at the Federal, State, and local levels; "(2) develop and implement, in cooperation with State and local agencies, an occupational information system to meet the common occupational information needs of vocational education programs and employment and training programs at the national. State, and local levels, which system shall include data on occupational demand and supply based on uniform definitions, standardized estimating procedures, and standardized occupational classifications; "(3) conduct studies on the effects of technological change on new and existing occupational areas and the required changes in knowledge and job skills; and "(4) assist State occupational information coordinating committees established pursuant to subsection (b). "(b) Each State receiving assistance under this Act shall establish a State occupational information coordinating committee composed of representatives of the State board, the State employment security agency, the State economic development agency, the State job training coordinating council, and the agency administering the vocational rehabilitation program. Such committee shall, with funds available to it from the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee established pursuant to subsection (a)— "(A) implement an occupational information system in the State which will meet the common needs for the planning for, and the operation of, programs of the State board assisted under this Act and of the administering agencies under the Job Training Partnership Act; and "(B) use the occupational information system to implement a career information delivery system. "INFORMATION BASE FOR VOCATIONAL EDUCATION DATA SYSTEM

20 USC 2423.

20 USC 2391.

"SEC. 423. The Secretary shall assure that adequate information on the access to vocational education programs by handicapped secondary school students be included in the national vocational education data system, required by section 161 of the Vocational Education Act of 1963 and by this part, for the biennial survey. The information base for the biennial survey for the handicapped shall be in 4-digit detail as defined in A Classification of Instructional Programs published by the National Center for Educational Statistics. The survey shall include information with respect to total handicapped enrollment by program, by type of instructional setting, and by t3rpe of handicapping condition. "PART D—NATIONAL COUNCIL ON VOCATIONAL EDUCATION "COUNCIL ESTABLISHED

20 USC 2431.

"SEC. 431. (a)(1) There is established the National Council on Vocational Education. The Council shall consist of 17 members appointed by the President of whom 9 shall be representative of the private sector. "(2) The members of the Council shall serve for such terms as the President may prescribe. Members of the Council shall be individuals who are owners, chief executives or chief operating officers of