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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-525-OCT. 19, 1984

98 STAT. 2493

Sec. 309. Restriction on reduction in ports of origin for certain cargo carried on vessels of the Military Sealift Command. Sec. 310. Sense of Congress concerning introduction of United States Armed Forces into Central America for combat. TITLE IV—PERSONNEL AUTHORIZATIONS PART A—ACTIVE FORCES

Sec. 401. Authorization of end strengths. Sec. 402. Extension of quality control on enlistments into the Army. PART B—RESERVE FORCES

Sec, 411. Authorization of average strengths for Selected Reserve. Sec. 412. Authorization of end strengths for members on active duty in support of the reserve components. Sec. 413. Increase in number of certain personnel authorized to be on active duty in support of the reserve components. Sec. 414. Clarification of status of members of the National Guard performing fulltime duty. PART C—MILITARY TRAINING

Sec. 421. Authorization of military training student loads. Sec. 422. Reduction in number of students required to be in a unit of the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps for the unit to be maintained. TITLE V—DEFENSE PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT PART A—CIVIUAN PERSONNEL

Sec. 501. Waiver of civilian personnel ceilings for fiscal year 1985. Sec. 502. Civilian personnel ceilings on industrially-funded activities during fiscal year 1984. PART B—OFFICER PERSONNEL

Sec. 511. Temporary increase in the number of general and flag officers authorized to be on active duty. Sec. 512. Authority to consider for promotion certain Army reserve brigadier generals. Sec. 513. Authority to retain in active status until age 60 up to 10 Army reserve brigadier generals. Sec. 514. Extension of authority for the temporary promotion of certain Navy lieutenants. Sec. 515. Repeal of four-year limitation on period an officer may be assigned to the Army Staff or the Air Staff. PART C—AMENDMENTS TO PROVISIONS OF LAW ENACTED BY THE DEFENSE OFFICER PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT ACT

Sec. 521. Retention in grade of officers appointed in reserves upon separating from active duty. Sec. 522. Increase in limitation on number of regular officers in the Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Sec. 523. Clarification of senior general and flag officers continuation in grade during a change in status. Sec. 524. Authority to use means other than boards to decide whether an officer should be required to show cause for retention. Sec. 525. Removal from further consideration for promotion of officers in pay grade 0 - 2 who have twice failed of selection for promotion. Sec. 526. Determination of date of rank for officers whose promotions are delayed administratively. Sec. 527. Special selection boards for warrant officers. Sec. 528. Authority to discharge reserve second lieutenants and ensigns found not qualified for promotion. Sec. 529. Navy limited duty officers. Sec. 530. Appointment in permanent grade of certain limited duty officers serving in higher temporary grades. Sec. 531. Determination of severance pay in certain cases. Sec. 532. Consideration for promotion of certain retired officers who later serve on active duty. Sec. 533. Technical amendments.