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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

98 STAT. 2496

PUBLIC LAW 98-525—OCT. 19, 1984

Sec. 1215. Personnel evaluations to include emphasis on competition and cost savings. Sec. 1216. Improved procurement procedures. Sec. 1217. Clerical amendments. PART C—AMENDMENTS TO CHAPTER 141 OF TITLE 10, UNITED STATES CODE

Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec.

1231. 1232. 1233. 1234. 1235.

Identification of sources of supplies. Revision of long-term lease or charter authority. Economic order quantities. Additional miscellaneous procurement provisions. Clerical amendments. PART D—OTHER PROCUREMENT PROVISIONS

Sec. 1241. Cooperative agreements for procurement technical assistance. Sec. 1242. Revision of requirements for selected acquisition reports and unit cost reports. Sec. 1243. Duration of assignment of program managers for major programs. Sec. 1244. Authority to waive compliance with certain requirements provided for in regulations relating to prices of spare parts and replacement equipment. Sec. 1245. Regulations for allocating overhead to parts to which the prime contrac• tor has added little value. PART E—TEMPORARY PROVISIONS, REPORTS, AND EFFECTIVE DATES

Sec. 1251. Report on implementation of certain recommendations of the Grace Commission. Sec. 1252. Plans for management of technical data and computer capability improvements. Sec. 1253. Report on use of independent cost estimates for major defense acquisition programs. Sec. 1254. One-year extension of test program to authorize price differentials to relieve economic dislocations.

Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec.

TITLE XIII-DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT MATTERS 1301. Joint Chiefs of Staff reorganization. 1302. Reduction in headquarters staffs. 1303. Report on size of service Secretariats. 1304. Implementation of certain personnel policies. 1305. Expansion of authority for collection of debts from members of the Armed Forces. 1306. Increased Coast Guard membership on the Reserve Forces Policy Board. 1307. Limitation on use of funds for conducting polygraphs examinations; report.

TITLE XIV—CODIFICATION OF CERTAIN RECURRING AND PERMANENT PROVISIONS OF LAW Sec. 1401. Amendments to title 10, United States Code. Sec. 1402. Amendments to title 37, United States Code. Sec. 1403. Repeal provisions. Sec. 1404. Effective date. Sec. 1405. Clerical amendments to title 10, United States Code. TITLE XV—GENERAL PROVISIONS PART A—DEFENSE FINANCIAL MATTERS


Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec.

1511. 1512. 1513. 1514.

Chemical Warfare Review Commission. Restriction on the use of funds for the B-IB bomber aircraft program. Configuration of the FFG-7 class guided missile frigate. Prohibition against using funds appropriated for the Advanced Technology Bomber and the Advanced Cruise Missile programs for any other purpose. PART C—MISCELLANEOUS DEFENSE REPORTING REQUIREMENTS

Sec. 1521. Extension of time for report of the Commission established by the Military Justice Act of 1983.