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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-525—OCT. 19, 1984

98 STAT. 2645

(b) In no event may the total amount of funds obligated pursuant to this title exceed the total amount authorized to be appropriated by this title.



SEC. 1622. (a) The Secretary may carry out any construction project under the general plant projects provisions authorized by this title if the total estimated costs of the construction project does not exceed $1,000,000. (b) If at any time during the construction of any general plant project authorized by this title, the estimated cost of the project is revised because of unforeseen cost variations and the revised cost of the project exceeds $1,000,000, the Secretary shall immediately furnish a complete report to the appropriate committees of Congress explaining the reasons for the cost variation. (c) In no event may the total amount of funds obligated to carry out all general plant projects authorized by this title exceed the total amount authorized to be appropriated for such projects by this title. LIMITS ON CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS

SEC. 1623. (a) Whenever the current estimated cost of a construction project which is authorized by section 302 of this title, or which is in support of national security programs of the Department of Energy and was authorized by any previous Act, exceeds by more than 25 percent the higher of (1) the amount authorized for the project, or (2) the amount of the total estimated cost for the project as shown in the most recent budget justification data submitted to the Congress, construction may not be started or additional obligations incurred in connection with the project above the total estimated cost, as the case may be, unless a period of thirty calendar days (not including any day in which either House of Congress is not in session because of adjournment of more than three days to a day certain) has passed after receipt by the appropriate committees of the Congress of written notice from the Secretary containing a full and complete statement of the action proposed to be taken and the facts and circumstances relied upon in support of the action, or unless each committee before the expiration of such period has notified the Secretary it has no objection to the proposed action. (b) Subsection (a) shall not apply to any construction project which has a current estimated cost of less than $5,000,000. FUND TRANSFER AUTHORITY

SEC. 1624. To the extent specified in appropriation Acts, funds appropriated pursuant to this title may be transferred to other agencies of the Government for the performance of the work for which the funds were appropriated, and funds so transferred may be merged with the appropriations of the agency to which the funds are transferred. AUTHORITY FOR CONSTRUCTION DESIGN

SEC. 1625. (a)(1) Within the amounts authorized by this title for plant engineering and design, the Secretary may carry out advance planning and construction designs (including architectural and engineering services) in connection with any proposed construction