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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

98 STAT. 2442

Ante p. 2435 Post, p. 2445. Post, p. 2449. Post, p. 2443.


Post, p. 2450.

PUBLIC LAW 98-524—OCT. 19, 1984

istration or the supervision of the State vocational education program. The responsibihties of the State board shall include— "(A) coordination of the development, submission, and implementation of the State plan, and the evaluation of the program. services, and activities assisted under this Act pursuant to section 113(b)(9); and "(B) the development, in consultation with the State council on vocational education, and the submission to the Secretary, of the State plan required by section 113 and by section 114; "(C) consultation with the State council established pursuant to section 112, and other appropriate agencies, groups, and individuals involved in the planning, administration, evaluation, and coordination of programs funded under this Act; "(D) convening and meeting as a State board (consistent with State law and procedure for the conduct of such meetings) at such time as the State board determines necessary to carry out its functions under this Act, but not less than four times annually; and "(E) the adoption of such procedures as the State board considers necessary to implement State level coordination with the State job training coordinating council to encourage cooperation in the conduct of their respective programs. Except with respect to the functions set forth in the preceding sentence, the State board may delegate any of its other responsibilities involving administration, operation, or supervision, in whole or in part, to one or more appropriate State agencies. "(2) Each State shall include a description of any delegation of its functions under paragraph (1) in its State plan, or amendments to such plan, submitted to the Secretary. "(b)(1) Any State desiring to participate in the programs authorized by this Act shall assign one individual within the appropriate agency established or designated by the State board under the last sentence of subsection (a)(1) to administer vocational education programs within the State, to work full time to assist the State board to fulfill the purposes of this Act by— "(A) administering the program of vocational education for single parents and homemakers described in section 201(f) and the sex equity program described in section 201(g); "(B) gathering, analyzing, and disseminating data on the adequacy and effectiveness of vocational education programs in the State in meeting the education and employment needs of women (including preparation for employment in technical occupations, new and emerging occupational fields, and occupations regarded as nontraditional for women), and on the status of men and women students and employees in such programs; "(C) reviewing vocational education programs (including career guidance and counseling) for sex stereotyping and sex bias, with particular attention to practices which tend to inhibit the entry of women in high technology occupations, and submitting (i) recommendations for inclusion in the State plan of programs and policies to overcome sex bias and sex stereotyping in such programs, and (ii) an assessment of the State's progress in meeting the purposes of this Act with regard to overcoming sex discrimination and sex stereotyping; "(D) reviewing proposed actions on grants, contracts, and the policies of the State board to ensure that the needs of women are addressed in the administration of this Act;