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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-616—NOV. 8, 1984

98 STAT. 3263

"(c) NOTIFICATION.—Any person who intends to export a hazardous waste identified or listed under this subtitle beginning tvirelve months after the date of enactment of the Hazardous and iSolid Waste Amendments of 1984, shall, before such hazardous wasite is scheduled to leave the United States, provide notification tc» the Administrator. Such notification shall contain the following information: "(1) the name and address of the exporter; "(2) the types and estimated quantities of heizardous waste to be exported; "(3) the estimated frequency or rate at which such waste is to be exported; and the period of time over which such waste is to be exported; "(4) the ports of entry; "(5) a description of the manner in which such hazardous waste will be transported to and treated, stored, or disposcjd in the receiving country; and "(6) the name and address of the ultimate treatment, storage or disposal facility. "(d)


COUNTRY.—Within thirty days of the Administrator's receipt of a complete notification under this section, the Secretary of State, acting on behalf of the Administrator, shall— "(1) forward a copy of the notification to the government of the receiving country; "(2) advise the government that United States law prohibits the export of hazardous waste unless the receiving country consents to accept the hazardous waste; "(3) request the government to provide the Secretary with a written consent or objection to the terms of the notification; and "(4) forward to the government of the receiving country a description of the Federal regulations which would apply to the treatment, storage, and disposal of the hazardous waste in the United States. "(e)


thirty days of receipt by the Secretary of State of the receiving country's written consent or objection (or any subsequent communication withdrawing a prior consent or objection), the Administrator shall forward such a consent, objection, or other communication to the exporter. "(f) INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS.—Where there exists an international agreement between the United States and the government of the receiving country establishing notice, export, and enforceraent procedures for the transportation, treatment, storage, and dispK)sal of hazardous wastes, only the requirements of subsections (a)(2) and (g) shall apply. "(g) REPORTS.—After the date of enactment of the Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments of 1984, any person who exports any hazardous waste identified or listed under section 3001 of this subtitle shall file with the Administrator no later than March 1 of 42 USC 6921. each year, a report summarizing the types, quantities, frequency, and ultimate destination of all such hazardous waste exported during the previous calendar year. "(h) OTHER STANDARDS.—Nothing in this section shall preclude the Administrator from establishing other standards for the export of hazardous wastes under section 3002 or section 3003 of this 42 USC 6922, subtitle.". 6923.