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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

98 STAT. 3342


PUBLIC LAW 98-620—NOV. 8, 1984

(10) to develop and test methods for measuring the performance of judges and courts and to conduct experiments in the use of such measures to improve the functioning of such judges and courts; (11) to support studies of court rules and procedures, discovery devices, and evidentiary standards, to identify problems with the operation of such rules, procedures, devices, and standards, to devise alternative approaches to better reconcile the requirements of due process with the need for swift and certain justice, and to test the utility of those alternative approaches; (12) to support studies of the outcomes of cases in selected subject matter areas to identify instances in which the substance of justice meted out by the courts diverges from public expectations of fairness, consistency, or equity, to propose alternative approaches to the resolving of cases in problem areas, and to test and evaluate those alternatives; (13) to support programs to increase court responsiveness to the needs of citizens through citizen education, improvement of court treatment of witnesses, victims, and jurors, and development of procedures for obtaining and using measures of public satisfaction with court processes to improve court performance; (14) to test and evaluate experimental approaches to providing increased citizen access to justice, including processes which reduce the cost of litigating common grievances and alternative techniques and mechanisms for resolving disputes between citizens; and (15) to carry out such other programs, consistent with the purposes of this title, as may be deemed appropriate by the Institute. (d) The Institute shall incorporate in any grant, cooperative agreement, or contract awarded under this section in which a State or local judicial system is the recipient, the requirement that the recipient provide a match, from private or public sources, not less than 50 per centum of the total cost of such grant, cooperative agreement, or contract, except that such requirement may be waived in exceptionally rare circumstances upon the approval of the chief justice of the highest court of the State and a majority of the Board of Directors. (e) The Institute shall monitor and evaluate, or provide for independent evaluations of, programs supported in whole or in part under this title to ensure that the provisions of this title, the bylaws of the Institute, and the applicable rules, regulations, and guidelines promulgated pursuant to this title, are carried out. (f) The Institute shall provide for an independent study of the financial and technical assistance programs under this title. LIMITATIONS ON GRANTS AND CONTRACTS

42 USC 10706.

SEC. 207. (a) With respect to grants made and contracts or cooperative agreements entered into under this title, the Institute shall— (1) ensure that no funds made available to recipients by the Institute shall be used at any time, directly or indirectly, to influence the issuance, amendment, or revocation of any Executive order or similar promulgation by any Federal, State, or local agency, or to undertake to influence the passage or defeat of any legislation or constitutional amendment by the Congress of" the United States, or by any State or local legislative body, or