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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1985

PUBLIC LAW 99-83—AUG. 8, 1985

99 STAT. 227


It is the sense of the Congress that the President— (1) should call for an international civil aviation boycott with respect to those countries which the President determines— (A) grant sanctuary from prosecution to any individual or group which has committed an act of international terrorism, or (B) otherwise support international terrorism; and (2) should take steps, both bilateral and multilateral, to achieve a total international civil aviation boycott with respect to those countries. SEC. 556. MULTILATERAL AND BILATERAL AGREEMENTS WITH RESPECT TO AIRCRAFT SABOTAGE, AIRCRAFT HIJACKING, AND AIRPORT SECURITY.

President of U.S.

49 USC app. 1515 note.

The Secretary of State shall seek multilateral and bilateral agreement on strengthening enforcement measures and standards for compliance with respect to aircraft sabotage, aircraft hijacking, and airport security. SEC. 557. RESEARCH ON AIRPORT SECURITY TECHNIQUES FOR DETECTING EXPLOSIVES.

In order to improve security at international airports, there are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary of Transportation from the Airport and Airway Trust Fund (in addition to amounts otherwise available for such purpose) $5,000,000, without fiscal year limitation, to be used for research on and the development of airport security devices or techniques for detecting explosives. SEC. 558. HIJACKING OF TWA FLIGHT 847 AND OTHER ACTS OF TERRORISM.

The Congress joins with all Americans in celebrating the release of the hostages taken from Trans World Airlines flight 847. It is the sense of the Congress that— (1) purser Uli Derickson, pilot John Testrake, co-pilot Philip Maresca, flight engineer Benjamin Zimmermann, and the rest of the crew of Trans World Airlines flight 847 displayed extraordinary valor and heroism during the hostages' ordeal and therefore should be commended; (2) the hijackers who murdered United States Navy Petty Officer Stethem should be immediately brought to justice; (3) all diplomatic means should continue to be employed to obtain the release of the 7 United States citizens previously kidnapped and still held in Lebanon; (4) acts of international terrorism should be universally condemned; and (5) the Secretary of State should be supported in his efforts to gain international cooperation to prevent future acts of terrorism. SEC. 559. EFFECTIVE DATE.

This part shall take effect on the date of enactment of this Act.

Uli Derickson. John Testrake. Philip Maresca. Benjamin Zimmermann. Robert Stethem.

49 USC app. 1515 note.