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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1985

PUBLIC LAW 99-167—DEC. 3, 1985

99 STAT. 977


Funds appropriated to the Air Force pursuant to an authorization Prohibition. in section 603 for the construction of facilities in The Netherlands to Post, p. 981. support ground launched cruise missiles (GLCM) may not be obligated or expended until the Government of The Netherlands has officially approved the deplojmient of such missiles in The Netherlands. SEC. 305. SPECIAL IMPACT ASSISTANCE TO CERTAIN SCHOOL DISTRICTS

Of the funds appropriated to the Air Force for fiscal year 1986 for Grants. the acquisition of land to expand Melrose Air Force Range, New Mexico, the Secretary of the Air Force may use not more than $50,000 to provide assistance, by grant or otherwise, to school districts in communities near the Melrose Air Force Range for purposes of mitigating any adverse impact on the schools in such districts determined by the Secretary to result from expansion of the range. TITLE IV—DEFENSE AGENCIES SEC. 401. AUTHORIZED CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS AND LAND ACQUISITION FOR THE DEFENSE AGENCIES (a) INSIDE THE UNITED STATES.—The Secretary of Defense may

acquire real property and carry out military construction projects in the amounts shown for each of the following installations and locations inside the United States: DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY

Defense Property Disposal Office, Anchorage, Alaska, $1,390,000. Defense Property Disposal Office, Alameda, California, $1,320,000. Defense Property Disposal Office, Barstow, California, $825,000. Defense Fuel Support Point, San Diego, California, $600,000, Defense Fuel Support Point, San Pedro, California, $700,000. Defense Property Disposal Office, Groton, Connecticut, $625,000. Defense Fuel Support Point, Port Tampa, Florida, $595,000. Defense Property Disposal Office, Fort Riley, Kansas, $965,000. Defense Fuel Support Point, Newington, New Hampshire, $1,040,000. Defense Fuel Support Point, Verona, New York, $1,395,000. Defense Depot, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, $470,000. Defense Depot, Memphis, Tennessee, $8,085,000. Defense Property Disposal Office, Texarkana, Texas, $2,635,000. Defense Depot, Ogden, Utah, $3,825,000. Defense Property Disposal Office, Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, Utah, $750,000. Defense General Supply Center, Richmond, Virginia, $5,355,000. Defense Property Disposal Office, Richmond, Virginia, $650,000. Defense Fuel Support Point, Manchester, Washington, $565,000. Defense Property Disposal Office, F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, Wyoming, $1,020,000. DEFENSE MAPPING AGENCY

Repromat Secure Storage Facility, Mineral Wells, Texas, $900,000.

Real property.