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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1985
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PUBLIC LAW 99-198—DEC. 23, 1985

99 STAT. 1479


SEC. 1113. (a) The President shall appoint a Special Assistant to 7 USC 1736-1. the President for Agricultural Trade and Food Aid (hereinafter in this section referred to as the "Special Assistant"). (b) The Special Assistant shall serve in the Executive Office of the President. (c) The Special Assistant shall— (1) assist and advise the President in order to improve and enhance food assistance programs carried out in the United States and foreign countries; (2) be available to receive suggestions and complaints concerning the implementation of United States food aid and agricultural export programs an3rwhere in the United States Government and provide prompt responses thereto, including expediting the program implementation in any instances in which there is unreasonable delay; (3) make recommendations to the President on means to coordinate and streamline the manner in which food assistance progrsims are carried out by the Department of Agriculture and the Agency for International Development, in order to improve their overall effectiveness; (4) make recommendations to the President on measures to be taken to increase use of United States agricultural commodities and the products thereof through food assistance programs; Commerce and (5) advise the President on agricultural trade; (6) advise the President on the Food for Progress Program and trade. expedite its implementation; (7) serve as a member of the Development Coordination Committee and the Food Aid Subcommittee of such Committee; (8) advise departments and agencies of the Federal Government on their policy guidelines on basic issues of food assistance policy to the extent necessary to assure the coordination of food assistance programs, consistent with law, and with the advice of such Subcommittee; and (9) submit a report to the President and Congress each year Report through 1990 containing— (A) a global analysis of world food needs and production; (B) an identification of at least 15 target countries which are most likely to emerge as growth markets for agricultural commodities in the next 5 to 10 years; and (C) a detailed plan for using available export and food aid authorities to increase United States agricultural exports to those targeted countries. (d) The Special Assistant shall also— (1) solicit information and advice from private and governmental sources and recommend a plan to the President and Congress on measures that should be taken— (A) to promote the export of United States agricultural commodities and the products thereof; and (B) to expand export markets for United States agricultural commodities and the products thereof; (2) develop and recommend to the President national agricultural policies to foster and promote the United States agricultural industry and to maintain and increase the strength of this vitally important sector of the United States economy; and