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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1985

99 STAT. 1872


42 USC 2021b note.

PUBLIC LAW 99-240—JAN. 15, 1986

level radioactive waste compacts as a tool for disposal of such waste. The party states recognize that the safe and efficient management of low-level radioactive waste generated within the region requires that sufficient capacity to dispose of such waste be properly provided. "It is the policy of the party states to: enter into a regional lowlevel ladioactive waste management compact for the purpose of providing the instrument and framework for a cooperative effort; provide sufficient facilities for the proper management of low-level radioactive waste generated in the region; promote the health and safety of the region; limit the number of facilities required to effectively and efficiently manage low-level radioactive waste generated in the region; encourage the reduction of the amounts of lowlevel waste generated in the region; distribute the costs, benefits, and obligations of successful low-level radioactive waste management equitably among the party states; and ensure the ecological and economical management of low-level radioactive wastes. "Implicit in the Congressional consent to this compact is the expectation by Congress and the party states that the appropriate federal agencies will actively assist the Compact Commission and the individual party states to this compact by: " 1. expeditious enforcement of federal rules, regulations, and laws; "2. imposing sanctions against those found to be in violation of federal rules, regulations, and laws; "3. timely inspection of their licensees to determine their capability to adhere to such rules, regulations, and laws; "4. timely provision of technical assistance to this compact in carrying out their obligations under the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act, as amended. "ARTICLE 2 DEFINITIONS

"As used in this compact, unless the context clearly requires a different construction: " 1. 'Commission' or 'Compact Commission* means the Southeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Commission. "2. 'Facility' means a parcel of land, together with the structure, equipment, and improvements thereon or appurtenant thereto, which is used or is being developed for the treatment, storage, or disposal of low-level radioactive wsiste. "3. 'Generator' means any person who produces or processes lowlevel radioactive waste in the course of, or as an incident to, manufacturing, power generation, processing, medical diagnosis and treatment, research, or other industrial or commercial activity. This does not include persons who provide a service to generators by arranging for the collection, transportation, storgige, or disposal of wastes with respect to such waste generated outside the region. "4. 'High-level waste' means irradiated reactor fuel, liquid wastes from reprocessing irradiated reactor fuel, and solids into which such liquid wastes have been converted, and other high-level radioactive waste as defined by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. "5. 'Host state' means any state in which a regional facility is situated or is being developed.